Aquaculture disease forecast in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in April 2022

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After the overwintering period, the body of cultured fish is emaciated, and it is easy to cause the mechanical damage of fish body.We should pay attention to the aging of the water in the overwintering pool and the changes of the bottom of the pool.Now the prognosis of xinjiang aquaculture in April 2022 is as follows.1. Bacterial diseases: bacterial enteritis, bacterial rotten gill, red skin disease.2. Fungal diseases: hydromildew.3. Viral disease: infectious hematopoietic necrosis, which mainly harms rainbow trout, especially fry and current species. The growth temperature is 4℃~20℃, and the prevailing water temperature is 8℃~15℃.Prevention and control measures (1) Prevention measures 1. When selecting and purchasing seedlings, check the quarantine certificate of aquatic seedling origin.Before placing the seedlings, pay attention to disinfection of the seedlings to prevent pathogen.Strictly control the stocking density of seedlings.2. Thoroughly disinfect the pond with bleaching powder and do a good job in water quality control.3. Do a good job of disinfection of seedlings, aquaculture water bodies and tools.When pulling nets, transporting and placing seeds, be careful to avoid infection caused by fish body damage.4. Start feeding as soon as possible. After fish start feeding, feed them with high-quality compound diets rich in vitamins and immune enhancers to enhance their immunity.(2) Treatment measures 1. Bacterial rotten gill disease: 8% bromochlorhydine, a dose, 0.2g~0.3g per cubic meter of water, the epidemic season, the whole pond spilled, once for 15 days;10% povidone iodine, one dose, 0.5mL~1mL per cubic meter of water, in the epidemic season, the whole pool, once for 15 days.2. Bacterial enteritis: enrofloxacin treatment, mixed feed according to the product instructions, continuous use for 3 to 5 days.3. Red skin disease: Chinese herbal medicine can be used for treatment, such as shuanghuang Kushen Powder, Shanqing Wuhuang Powder, Genlian Jiudu powder, adding and reducing Xiaohuang Powder and Qinglian Baiguan Powder, etc. The usage and dosage should be carried out according to the instructions.4. Hydromildew disease: prevention is the main, in the net and pond fishing to make full preparation, to avoid fish body injury.At present, there is no ideal treatment for the disease, only in the early stage of the disease timely treatment can have a certain effect, 8% chlorine dioxide, a dose of 0.5g per cubic meter of water, the whole pool splashing, once a day, continuous use of 2d.5. Once suspected infectious hematopoietic necrosis is found, it should be immediately reported to the local aquatic animal disease prevention and control institution, and samples should be sent to a qualified laboratory for diagnosis.At the same time, quarantine measures were taken to limit the movement and transport of diseased fish from farms;Fish out in time, and buried deep or corpse method for harmless treatment;Tools for special use, timely disinfection, avoid cross contamination;Use disinfection preparations or move fish carefully to reduce stress;After disinfection treatment of aquaculture tail water can be discharged;Reduce feed, rhubarb and other drugs can be added to the feed for treatment.Source: Xinjiang Aquatic technology Extension Station