Data of Zhou Shen’s “Rose Teenager” from various platforms: Ranked no.1 in a row, and listened to 10 times more songs than other songs

2022-05-26 0 By

Rose Boy is a hit again.Zhou Shen and GAI sing this version, has become a lot of people sought after version.In the period following the broadcast, “Rose Boy” quickly became a top search.This kind of data, perhaps only week deep adaption ability accomplished.Once upon a time, “The Voice of Dreams” was preceded by “The Voice of Dreams”, which became a hot search with every issue adapted by Jj Lin.At that time, Jj Lin made the whole sound of Dreams, and The Sound of Dreams made Jj Lin.”The Voice of Dreams” is a great platform for music and ratings are huge.After the transition to “The Voice of God,” ratings obviously dropped.After two tepid seasons, the third season brought In Zhou Shen and Gai, making the music more possible and bringing musical diversity to the stage.A platform statistics out of the data: Zhoushen GAI rose teenager broke out too strong, became a video platform hot search first.This time, “The Voice from Heaven” is no longer the hottest search for non-musical works, such as sarcastic jeong Tae-sung scolding who cried, or new singers criticizing old singers.It can be seen that since the beginning of the week, there have been many hot searches for music works.At present in a music playback platform data: these days are basically in the hot search can see the rose boy four words.Up to now, the list of soaring, popular index are ranked in the first position.Even Mayday’s Rose Boy was followed by a hit.In fact, the original rose Youth or Jolin Tsai better listen to.”Rose Boy” soared to third place overall.That’s a number that’s hard to beat.Therefore, many people say that the Third installment of “The Voice of God 3” is the best stage of “The Voice of God” so far.Zhou Shen and GAI’s adaptation of “Rose Boy” became the most popular of all the songs on the stage of “The Voice of Heaven”.Not only the qq music playing platform data pleasing, in YouTube, some netizens statistics, Zhou Shen GAI’s “Rose Boy” playing data exceeded other songs more than 10 times.The listening figures for the two days were 395,000 and 465,000 respectively.All the other songs are between 10,000 and 30,000.In fact, there is a question that the song is sung by Zhou Shen and GAI together, if Zhou Shen changes another partner can still achieve such effect.If Angela Chang and Zhou Shen cooperate in rose Junior, will there be such expectation? Will there be such a large crying scene on scene?So, it’s a good thing GAI and Zhou Shen collaborated on this song.GAI for “Rose youth” contributed to the adaptation of rap, so that Zhou Shen can show rap in the middle of the song, but also to the song on the finishing touch.Season 3 of The Divine Voice has brought in two new musical partners to finally give the Show a hit song.Thanks to Zhou Shen, thanks to GAI.What do you think the possibility of Rose Boy would be if Zhou Had a different partner?