How do you play golf in the middle of winter?

2022-05-26 0 By

In the cold winter, the outdoor golf course is closed for recreation.It’s a terrible thing for friends who are used to playing every week.But indoor golf is the perfect solution to this problem, allowing you to play the world’s top courses indoors, spring, summer, fall, winter, rain or shine.Real lawn, beach, clubs, but the scene is displayed on the curtain, the scene can be changed at any time according to their own preferences, there are standard 18 holes, and electronic caddies accompany, swing, scene, feeling and outdoor golf is exactly the same!Hit a real golf ball with a real club in front of the big screen.At the moment when the ball is hit, the various parameters of the ball flight are calculated by the golf measurement system.After computer comparison analysis, through the big screen to simulate the trajectory of golf flight.Indoor golf no policy restrictions, cover an area of an area small, low cost of play, there is no requirement of time and weather, and at the same time can accommodate enough golf population, can effectively reduce the threshold of golf, make up for the deficiency of the stadium, conform to the requirements of the mass consumption, and fashion, simple, efficient and healthy life pursue perfectly, creating new business opportunities is increasingly protruding.We can install the indoor golf in home, office or private meeting place, open my eyes in the morning and at night before bed, go to work tired can enjoy golf, also can choose to play for the indoor golf club, with only one 5 off, you can enjoy a game of golf, there is no limit to the high membership,Don’t need to pay more green fee, caddy fee, cart fee, etc, greatly reduces the barriers to entry, golf business people, ordinary middle class, even the ordinary white-collar workers and students can afford, make golf consumer movement, thus greatly promote the golf population growth, promote the rapid development of golf industry.