Warcraft TBC: Double egg blade falls stealer, player’s home decoration, etc. reach 141 points, DPS exceeds the Beast King hunt

2022-05-26 0 By

There were more than 50 egg knives on the first CD of world of Warcraft TBC nostalgia server, with an average drop rate of more than 10%, more than two and a half times that of the original version. At that time, Detective predicted that there would be a “complete man” on the second CD of P3, and sure enough, we didn’t have to wait long for the glory of double egg knives to fall on the Chinese server Hahoran.A rogue player with two egg knives has been born.Players from the Holland server soft pigeons is the super lucky, you can see the player’s equipment is very magnificent, not only has the double pole in hand, there are 4 pieces of T6 wear in the body, adorn article also BIS levels of the astral plane spiral and dragon ridge medal, whole body equipment item level as high as 141.1, to say the P3 to open two CDS,This rogue player is 98% out of school.Will, of course, there are many players questioned the authenticity of the lucky ones, small, players explore query the soft pigeons WCL data, can see his activity data this week, and indeed in the CD has got a deputy balls, the CD should get is a main hand egg knife, pay attention to the long-range weapons bar only 100 loading such as broken bones are very eye-catching, and overlapping the above equipment,We can prove it’s the same guy.The player in the end how European, according to the current 10% or so drop rate, two consecutive CD on the probability of falling two egg knife is 10%*10%=1%, to be respectively or the probability of the master and deputy egg knife divided by 2*2=4, then the actual probability is 0.25%, users, this is the probability of 2 ‰ ah!We can feel together this drop rate is how outrageous!There are two bosses whose DPS score is orange. Most bosses have DPS of around 2000 points. In theory, egg Knife can increase the DPS of thieves against regular bosses by 15%.The DPS against demon bosses is increased by 25%, so will the top rogue’s bonus to egg Knife allow him to pursue top classes such as Beastmaster Hunt, arcane spell, or berserk?We can look at the T6 regiment’s actual combat data on two CDS:The average damage per second of the top Beastmaster hunter is 2321, followed by Rage (2206), Arcane (2122), Devastate (2034), and rogue (2020).In accordance with the DPS whack-a-mole-at, can see the Holland server double thief, really soft pigeons have entered the top 1% of the players of thieves, after obtaining double egg knife, his second injury to normal BOSS will soar to 2300 o ‘clock, the evil BOSS second ascent to 2500 around, will go beyond the current king of the DPS bm hunters,99% of the beast king hunters are no match for the two-blade thief, only a few of the top beasts (up to 3000 damage per second) can still suppress the two-blade thief.Of course, some netizens joked: “The day you get the Double egg knife is the day you are rejected by the Golden League”, so the question is, do you think this powerful and lucky rogue player can still join the league?For more exciting content, check out the hundreds of game explorers