FGO2022 Valentine’s Day guess: Heian Three talented women this year

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The next large-scale weekly activity of FGO daily clothing should be the Valentine’s Day activity. Combined with the opening of the winter festival in Kochi on February 6, the activity should also be around this time. So before the opening of the activity, here is a clue to who may be following the Valentine’s Day this year.Department: (1) and spring type practices milk a bite and spring type, reason in the first two years of valentine’s day in speculation has said, and spring type and ran, and less murasaki shikibu said heian period three prodigy, now the live-fire two ago, and are on valentine’s day activities, even the swimsuit out, only this one should also won’t lag behind.Akita also said earlier that in the satellite silhouettes released this year, the image from the second from the right appears to be dressed in 12 singles, which is also consistent with the images of Qing Shonagon and Murasaki Shibu after the Sanba.Aphrodite: in the 2.5 debuts of machine god, Eros is the only one who has a human figural, and Wada’s figural is really not the heart to just ordinary NPC, Valentine’s Day should be the home of Eros, last year installed a little Cupid, this year installed a big Cupid.(3) mountain in one thousand generations (see school) : the conditions of the raw and pored over in kochi, and there is an attraction is kochi one thousand generation and horse statue, so lenovo to this character, one thousand generation is one of his wife inside the mountain, the mountain in a abundance at the time of or letter long wings, have a crush on a horse, but again they didn’t have enough money to buy, finally the one thousand generation took out their dowry to the husband bought a horse, hence the name.In addition, The Thousand generation used her wisdom to help her husband to receive the title of Tosa, which is now the high knowledge. After her husband’s death, she herself became a monk, with the legal title of Jianshiyuan.For this reason, Yamauchi and Chiyo are also known as a model couple, and it is not impossible to dress up as Chiyo on Valentine’s Day.④ Tianxin: Tianxin is the satellite of red Yan’s material and one of the students in the red Yan’s classroom. In the original story, Tianxin is a goddess in Japanese mythology, who is most famous for dancing outside Amaterasu to bring out the god and restore light to the earth.Why is there the association of mother-of-pearl dressing up on Valentine’s Day?It is said to be a combination of Bell, a ritual instrument used to dance and call the gods at that time.It is said that in addition to the bell, Hiji Suzuki was holding an umbrella in her dancing hand. In the satellite silhouette released earlier, the fourth subordinate does have a bell instrument on the left, and the pointed one on the right also looks like an umbrella.Therefore, I think there is a possibility that the mother of Twinkle or Danji Bell could be a valentine’s Day follower.Here, I use the next door Onmyoji who has just been installed as a reference. She also has elements of umbrella and bell.