Kowloon Experimental School: strong class quality, win in the new semester

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The Spring Festival is here, and everything is beginning.In order to welcome the new semester, to create a healthy and beautiful learning environment for children.On February 10th, all the staff and staff of Kowloon Experimental School have been fully engaged in the preparation work for the opening of the school, and do the preparatory work before the opening of the school from various aspects.One is to make the New Year’s new plan, “win” the new semester.On February 10th, the middle level of Kowloon Experimental School held the exchange meeting of new semester work planning.Each department, grade respectively made last semester work summary and new semester work plan report.President Li Zhonghua evaluated and summarized the work of each department and grade in the last semester, and put forward clear requirements for the work in the new semester.The work of all departments in the new semester should closely focus on the work priorities of the Education and Sports Bureau in 2022 to ensure that a solid foundation is laid for the work of the new semester.Second, continue to carry out the “five Qing and three Mention” action, purify the environment around the campus.On February 11th, Kowloon Experimental School made great efforts to clean up the details and nodes of classrooms, offices, dormitories, dining halls, toilets and other places. The requirements of “Wuqing” were implemented to every corner of the campus, and the school was beautified and improved, and the culture was improved, so as to make the campus look brand-new for the new semester.Third, the depth of strong class quality, win in the new semester.On the morning of February 12th, all teachers’ meeting was held to arrange the work of the new semester.The first is to present a New Year’s gift package to commend teachers for their outstanding achievements in the last semester.Second, principal Li Zhonghua summarized the overall work of the school last semester, put forward problems, difficulties and deficiencies, and put forward earnest requirements for the work of the new semester.Principal Li pointed out that the work of this semester should closely focus on the ten work tasks of the Education and Sports Bureau, the teaching and research department’s education and teaching focus, as well as the school’s work objectives and work plans, so as to achieve “breakthrough, precision and excellence”.Teachers are required to strengthen learning to improve professional level, close the gap between urban and rural areas, teaching activities can not become a mere formality, must be based on the school teaching “four one” requirements will be put into practice;The staff should have the spirit of strong riring and strong spirit to “win” the new semester.Second, strengthen team consciousness, especially the level of execution.All teachers should be strong to make, respect themselves, respect others, to each work to do solid, do fine, do deep.To be a teacher who will enjoy the classroom, see the students in the eyes, as their own children, tolerance of students’ shortcomings, help students find a breakthrough, enjoy the joy of success.Third, Vice principal Wang Ying interpreted the classroom evaluation integrated into teaching.Principal Wang interpreted the spirit of urban documents, including the formulation of curriculum outline, lesson preparation, evaluation of lesson design should be based on the implementation plan of strong lesson quality improvement action and district teaching and scientific research plan, file table, in accordance with the school formulated “1234” work requirements to determine this year’s efficient classroom goals.Four is for all the first-line teachers “weifang compulsory education schools based on the standard of teaching to improve advance will” employee training and centralized training and dispersed in two ways, requires teachers to learn, communicate thoughts after training, and into their syllabus, unit, class teaching design, improve personal ability, boost education teaching quality improvement.Fifth, safety is no small matter, “epidemic” to protect peace.One is to hold the “first class” safety training seminar, improve safety awareness, clear the first class safety teaching content;Two is in advance of the school security hidden trouble investigation, from the hands of the fine, earnestly find the problem, eliminate hidden trouble;Third, epidemic prevention and control still need to be emphasized.In order to scientifically and effectively prevent and control the epidemic and create a safe campus environment, the school deployed the epidemic prevention and control work in advance, carried out a comprehensive disinfection of the campus in advance, mastered the itinerary of all teachers and students in the last 14 days, formulated the off-peak school opening plan and other measures, and built a solid campus security line.New semester, new journey.All the teachers and students of Kowloon Experimental School will carry forward the Olympic spirit of “swifter, Higher, stronger and more united”, maintain the firm spirit of moving forward bravely and show their vigorous fighting spirit. They will strive for excellence by ringing their hearts and working together with the strong spirit of the Olympic Games.Correspondent: Meng Jiali