Lake-sirius all-in-one machine, leading the new trend of home cleaning, good helper of household hygiene

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With the progress of technology and times, doing housework may no longer rely solely on manual work, and technology is slowly coming into our life.In the fast pace of modern life, people spend less and less time on housework, but housework only increases.Lake launched the new Lake Sirius three-in-one whole house vacuuming/floor washing machine, its emergence undoubtedly helps us to convenient life, free hands.With integrated functional design, lake-Sirius machine can meet the needs of the whole house cleaning.It sets vacuum cleaner, washing machine, with suction as one, to achieve clean integration.Not only take into account the light body shape, suction is also guaranteed, but also have a fixed point spray washing function, wash quickly dry.Conveniently suction can do sofa, tea table, ambry easily all done.Intelligent and efficient, easy to use Sirius uses 350W brushless digital motor, suction and washing ability is stronger;Adopt 7 4000mAn large capacity lithium batteries, the battery life can reach 100 minutes.So can completely need not worry about its cleaning ability and can use time, 300 square meters of the house one-time cleaning for it is no longer words.Sirius has an intelligent voice prompt system, the subsequent procedures will be voice prompt, middle-aged and old people can easily start.It also has a smart LCD display that can animate the real-time state of the machine.The operating mode, charging status, water shortage of clean water tank, full sewage tank and other states are displayed on the screen, and the status of the whole machine is clearly visible.Cleaning can be difficult in a home with a baby. It is often difficult to clean a baby’s snack crumbs or yogurt that falls on the carpet or sofa, and cleaning one area alone may affect the rest.Sirius, however, can spray on a spot and “hit” specific stains.For greasy kitchen ceramic tiles, hardwood floors that are difficult to maintain, and plush carpets that are difficult to air and sun, Sirius can do spot-spray washing, comprehensive cleaning and dry washing.There is no need to consider the problem of drying, residual water stains and the occurrence of a series of problems such as slipping caused by dry ground.When it comes to everyday cleaning, it can be difficult to clean out of reach, but with Lecsirius, it can be easily solved anytime, anywhere.For example, it is very difficult to clean under the bed, under the sofa and other places that can not be seen at ordinary times. Lake-sirius can lie flat and clean at 180 degrees, and no longer need to move the cabinet around when cleaning. Lake-sirius can help you all get it done!Lake-sirius three-in-one whole house vacuum-cleaning machine is to have a fully intelligent household helper, bao Ma can hold the baby in one hand and clean the other hand, young people can save cleaning time for work and life, old people can spend their old age life easily and happily.With it, chores are no longer tedious and tasteless, so feel the infinite charm of Lakesirius with Dilieba!