“Lion of Laoshan” Gao Fang first: the body is bosom special skill, repeatedly break into enemy occupied area, such as into no man’s land

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There is a martial artist in Qingdao, he faces the heavy siege and suppression of the Japanese army, often a strange plan, intimidating, he frequented the enemy occupied area, attacked the Japanese army, as if into no one’s territory, he had fought with the Japanese military police prison successfully escaped, the person sent nickname “Laoshan lion”, he is a generation of martial arts master Gao Fang first.Gao Fangxian, styled Tianzuo, was born on May 25, 1914 in Xiyuan Village, Jimo County, Shandong Province (now belongs to The Tongji Sub-district Office of Jimo City).Gao Fangxian did not love martial arts, on the contrary, he is very gentle, and like reading.At the age of eight, after being bullied at school by local bullies, he took up martial arts to fend for himself.Because of his great understanding and diligence, he soon acquired a good martial art.Gao Fang began to learn Sun bin boxing, because the master is very strict, he will be a set of Sun bin boxing practice ling Li strange, deep and unpredictable, powerful people.When his peers fought with him, he couldn’t beat any of the five.After, Gao Fang is relying on oneself a suit of good martial arts first, often help the classmate that suffers bully in the school come out, harvest a large number of fan younger brother consequently.Gao fang graduated from Cangkou Chinese Lutheran Association Senior Primary School in 1927.Adult Gao Fangxian, tall, ape arm kite shoulder, a pair of tiger palm strong wide and ruddy, a pair of alert flexible sharp big eyes, straight nose, lip Angle formed a very symmetrical arc.Because of his great physical advantage, he realized that although Sun Bin’s boxing was a good one, it was not a first-class one, so he went around and looked for famous teachers and learned the Northern School of Shaolin boxing, Digong boxing, Xingyi boxing and Chinese wrestling.The famous teachers he visited were Wang Yongbin, Yang Tingdong, Tian Hongye, Li Yisan, Chang Bingyi and other famous wushu teachers.These martial arts teachers see his foundation is good, humble and very fond of martial arts, all of his gifts, so Gao Fang became a master of all eighteen martial arts.In 1933, the weather was cloudy and sunny, and the air was cold. It was still impossible to take off the fur coat.The 17th wushu competition was held in North China. Gao Fang, 19, won both boxing and wrestling titles at one stroke and became the double champion.In 1935, Gao fang won the middleweight wrestling championship in the National Games. From then on, she rose to fame in the martial arts field and was hired by cangkou National Martial Arts Training Institute as an instructor.December 3, 1936.This day because the Japanese Marines landed in Qingdao, arrested Li Xianliang, including the Kuomintang party members and the backbone of Qingdao National Art Museum, resulting in streets, pedestrians are rare, the wide streets empty ghost.The Japanese not only arrested people everywhere, but also threatened To hand over the military power of Shen Honglie.In order to deal with the Atrocities of the Japanese, Shen Honglie ordered Gao Fang will usually train students for the national art rescue brigade, after gao Fang will be adapted to the troops for the “blasting brigade”.Gao Fang had never led soldiers in battle before, and this time he was given a chance to deploy his military talents.He will be blasting brigade is divided into three groups, the first group holding the surveillance of Japanese spy and Japanese activities;The second group is ready to fight with the Japanese;The third group is placed around explosives, only to the Japanese provoke a war, at any time to blow up the Japanese factory, as well as the Japanese place.When the Japanese learned that gao Fang first layout so sharp, feel very surprised, so in December 10, the Japanese navy all withdrew from Qingdao.In 1937, After the July 7th Incident, Qingdao was isolated.The Japanese aggressors burned, killed and looted everywhere in China, so the National government implemented the “scorched earth policy”, that is, withdraw money to burn factories, warehouses and so on, anyway, do not let our materials be used by Japan.All of a sudden, many areas began to implement the “scorched earth policy”, but all of the Chinese factories were burned down, except Qingdao, which were all Japanese factories.This is all because gao Fang first led the “explosive team” members of each body with martial arts, well-trained.In the winter of 1937, the clouds covered, the wind was cold, and it was snowing late in the day.Gao Fang saw the Japanese bullying, arrogant, they organized the team in the middle of the night the Japanese nine big gauze factory and other fifty factories blow up at one fell swoop, a sensation in China.From then on Gao Fang first became the Japanese army arrested figures.Qingdao Gao Fang first can not stay, so he followed Shen Honglie together out of Qingdao.Chapter IV The summer of 1938 was particularly sultry.In the summer, after the incident, Li Xianliang was appointed director of the Shandong Provincial Government by Shen Honglie, chairman of the Kuomintang Government.Li Xianliang very admire Gao Fang first, has no chance to see, and happened to gao Fang first also very appreciate Li Xianliang.So two people go two-way, righteousness jinlan.After two people kowtow to worship Guan Gong, they went all the way night xiao Night, came to the location of the Ludong Office Laiyang.In 1939, Li Xianliang sent Gao Fang first to call Qingdao anti-japanese team, after gao Fang first called, the establishment of ludong independent camp, most of these players are gao Fang before the first with the “demolition team”.Left for Gao Fang first 1940, the Japanese assembled 20,000 people, began to ludong three road mop-up, in the mop-up, Li Xianliang saw Gao Fang first military talent, think he is a general.And in the escape from the Japanese moppup, Li Xianliang will be independent camp adapted for Qingdao security brigade (referred to as “green protection”), and ordered Gao Fang as the first battalion leader.Soon after, Li Xianliang added security in Laoshan second brigade, and the two teams for the Qingdao security Corps, Li Xianliang served as commander in chief, Gao Fang served as deputy commander.At this time, Li Xianliang is not only the commander in chief, or mayor of Qingdao.In 1942, Li Xianliang because of other work too busy to lead troops, then Qingdao security corps full power to Gao Fang, and appointed him as Qingdao security inspector battalion commander to Laoshan supervision of the war of resistance.Five came to Laoshan Gao Fang first, began to fight with the Japanese.He gave full play to his military talents, strengths and weaknesses, with mobile flexibility, good at hand-to-hand advantage of one after another attack the Japanese army, the Ana.Because gao Fang first combat way is too flexible, make the Japanese greatly angry, the Japanese determined to destroy “green protection”.October 1942.Gao Fang first in order to summarize the previous combat experience, they organized the celebration.After the celebration, Gao Fang first received the news that the Japanese have abnormal action, but before he had time to arrange prevention, more than 500 Japanese will be surrounded by his camp.The original Japanese occupation of every village on the blockade of news, so when Gao Fang first know the news, the enemy has come.After more than two hours of fierce fighting, due to the final outnumbered, exhausted, Gao Fang first line of ten people arrested in prison.They were in prison for Gao Fang first torture, always can not get what information from Gao Fang first mouth, the Japanese see him so tough, gave up extortion, ready to shoot him, so gao Fang first a dry people such as cangkou Japanese military police detachment detained.In cangkou Japanese military police detachment held prison, Gao Fang found prison only one Japanese military police on duty, so the design to lure the Japanese military police into prison.When the Japanese military police into the prison, Gao Fang first suddenly launched an attack, by his tall body and many years of martial arts killer mace, killed the Japanese military police grabbed the key.After Gao Fang put all the prisoners in the prison, these prisoners are almost anti-japanese, when we have hope to go out, have said they are willing to listen to Gao Fang first order.In this way, Gao Fang first with a group of people to create chaos out of the prison.Six escaped from prison gao Fang first did not return to Laoshan.Because in the middle of winter, the weather is unusually cold, and there are many people very weak, physical strength, and Gao Fang first because of the Japanese torture and injured in the body, had to go to Li Village to escape the Japanese hunt.Gao fangxian was so respected by a family in Li village that they hid him and arranged for relatives to help hide others who escaped.On December 7, 1942, Ge Huandou, director of the Political office of the “Qing Bao”, heard that Gao Fang was hiding in residents’ homes and not yet out of danger, so he had a bright idea and printed a lot of slogans, such as “Welcome Captain Gao out of danger” and “Captain Gao’s return from danger is a sign of Japan’s failure”, which were posted all over the city.The Japanese saw these slogans, thought gao Fang has been back to Laoshan, they stopped searching.Later, Gao Fang first good injury, also returned to Laoshan.Gao Fang returned to Laoshan, began to recruit, to avenge the sacrifice of the soldiers before, soon expanded to more than 5,000 people.Gao Fang first learned that the Japanese gao Fang first more than 5000 people, very seriously, they sent the army, navy and air force joint siege and suppression.Gao Fang first simply into pieces, with troops to give up the town camp, opened guerrilla warfare.The Japanese siege and suppression is not successful, they built fortresses around, in an attempt to compress the living space of “green protection” step by step, so as to collapse gao Fang first.That the Japanese attempt, Gao Fang began to command the bunker, he used Japanese soldiers mixed with the site has not built the bunker for blasting.For the bunker has been built perfect, Gao Fang first life transformation coffin, let a person put the coffin on wheels, the bottom of the coffin hide a person, a little bit close to the Japanese bunker, and then blasting, the Japanese take modified coffin no way, by the Japanese called “Laoshan tank”.Seven gaofang first not only led the team guerrilla, bomb bunker, he also led good players often in and out of the enemy-occupied area rob Japanese factories, to obtain supplies and food.Every time grab white rice, Gao Fang will organize personnel to the seaside to catch fish and shrimp, life is very moist.Gao Fang first in Qingdao and the Japanese front war more than 80 times, more than 200 small battles, at most a annihilation of the Japanese 500 people, less seven or eight people.In 1945, after the Surrender of the Japanese army, Gao fang first served as Qingdao police chief and deputy director of Qingdao National Martial Arts Museum.In 1949, Gao Fang was first ordered to lead his troops to Taiwan.Gao Fang had won the first MEDALS to Taiwan gao Fang first because it is neither a class, nor Chiang Kai-shek’s branch, so no reuse, used to the political struggle of gao Fang first and 1951 resign, quit the military, the main energy into teaching the art.Gao Fang first taught countless students in Taiwan, his life to teach martial arts to others.On October 23, 1980, Gao fang suffered a stroke and died at the age of 66 in the Air Force hospital in Taichung.When Gao Fang died, thousands of people, mostly his students, mourned for him.