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Online!Directed by the Traffic management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, alipay public welfare support, China traffic channel and 10 provinces (regions, cities) jointly organized by the traffic police corps of the Lantern Festival answer activities officially began!Time: 0:00, February 15, 2022 — 24:00, February 21, 2022 How to participate: Open, or directly search “Traffic safety Answer”.Activity requirements: open the activity page and start to answer puzzles. If you answer 20 questions correctly, you can draw a red envelope.Guidance unit: the Ministry of Public Security traffic administration of public welfare support: alipay organizer: China transportation channel, the traffic police in Inner Mongolia, hebei traffic police, traffic police, traffic police in anhui, jiangsu, hunan, hubei, chongqing traffic patrol police police traffic police, traffic police in qinghai, guangxi, shanxi traffic police quickly open the alipay or search “traffic safety problem solving” together to learn the knowledge of traffic, the answer extraction red envelopes!Email: