TVB as emperor Tan Junyan status rise, by the mainland invited remuneration of 6 million, Lin Xiawei said envy

2022-05-27 0 By

Tan Was awarded the title of “Visual Emperor” at TVB’s 2021 Star Awards ceremony, but unexpectedly, the position of “visual Emperor” was not secure, Tan had not had time to report to TVB, he couldn’t wait to go to the mainland, ready to shoot films and commercial performances in China.This time, he may have to be away for half a year, and he can’t even spend the Spring Festival with his family, but it’s worth it. Among other things, he has earned 6 million yuan from mainland TV series alone, which is more than the two years he spent shooting for TVB.Mr Tam’s career in Hong Kong has gone from strength to strength and has been described by the media as a “bumper year”.In 2021, there will be four shaun tam movie theaters, two of them are special, and two, is starring as a “amnesia 24 hours”, staged drama “the truth in life,” two films of word of mouth is very good, the truth in life is to let he ascended the throne “depending on the emperor”, also got the Malaysia’s most popular TVB male master award,One breath got two “see emperor”, let a person envy.It is also interesting to say that Tan junyan used to be an actor in Hong Kong. He came back to Hong Kong from the mainland and then came back. After all, there are many opportunities in China, high salary and great attraction for him.Tan junyan first made his debut in Hong Kong, at that time, the development was relatively good, but after five or six years of development in China, he has the possibility to play the leading actor and the leading actor. If he can stay in China and develop, then his career will be better and better.Tan left the mainland, returned to Hong Kong, and now he has the title of emperor.Many TVB stars want to be successful in TVB, so that they can have the opportunity to develop in the mainland.In fact, in addition to Tan Junyan, next year TVB “visual queen” Lin Xia Wei also want to shoot a series in the mainland.When she knew Tan was going to the mainland to make a film, she not only expressed her admiration, but also congratulated him.If Sylvia Lam could make a movie in mainland China, her standard Mandarin would put Hong Kong stars to shame.But Lin Xiawei is now estimated to be unable to go, the cast of “Law Yan Ren”, she has to shoot a new play, so busy.