Tears eye!A one-year-old girl who was abducted in Yunnan province has returned to her hometown 30 years after her father’s grave was overgrown with weeds

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On February 13, 2022, Tang Baobao, a woman from Yunnan province who was abducted at the age of 1, learned that her father had died when she returned to her hometown 30 years later.Relatives accompanied Tang baobao to her father’s grave, where she dropped to her knees and tears filled her eyes.Tang lost her temper when she told her father that she was back.Tang’s mother, who was standing behind her, urged her not to be too upset.It is reported that Tang baobao’s father was tricked into working in an illegal brick factory for three years in order to find her. He was already suffering from various diseases when he escaped.It can be seen that the father suffered a lot of hardships and grievances in order to find Tang Baobao.Perhaps it was because of such a painful experience that her father left Her in a hurry.Some fathers pay a heavy price to find their children, while others are still considered fathers.The child who had a hard time in life. “” It makes me very angry to see comments saying don’t forget your adoptive parents.Is it fair that their happiness depends on the pain of others?””Hateful traffickers, may the world be free from abductions!Fortunately, Tang baobao has a mother in the future, I hope she will be good to her mother.Wishing her and her family peace and happiness!”The author feels that human traffickers are very abominable and can hardly escape the severe punishment of the law.For Tang Baobao, her father has passed away, which is a real pity.Fortunately, Tang baobao has her mother and other relatives. I hope she will not be too sad and live bravely with her family.In addition, Tang Baobao’s father was cheated into breaking into a brick factory. Has the boss been punished by law?If not, I hope everyone will pay attention to this matter and seek justice for Tang Baobao’s deceased father.What do you think about this?