To the most loved one: you are my unique love, is my eternal obsession, miss you so much

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There is always someone, no matter how far apart, always in my heart.There is always a feeling, even if separate for a long time, or yearn day and night.Across the distance of the shore of this shore, quietly staring at you in the distance, let me look at the end of the world, or can not see where you are, only a person alone to keep your memory, so, lonely watch, struggling fantasy.Once the heart pity, once the bosom friend together, until now, have turned into the world’s most poignant thoughts.You and I love a deep, this life deep feeling unforgettable, in the long river of time, let it fly flowers and leaves fall scattered as dust, let it time vicissitudes of life, you will always be my original heart unchanged miss.There is a yearning, ruyingsuixing.There is a deep feeling, difficult to forget.Love the person, if you are well, it is sunny crisscrossing the world of mortals, there are thousands of encounters, bustling in the crowd, BUT I have never met a person like you move my heart.Your good, deeply engraved in my heart;Your name, is I silently chanting thousands of times, but never mentioned the gentle and secret.Since parting, I did not bother you, just in my own world, keep your memory, a person silently miss you.It’s not that I don’t want to see you, it’s not that I don’t want to contact you, in fact, every day, every night, I miss you so much, I miss you so much.I deeply repressed their mood, just afraid of my appearance to become your trouble, for the freedom you want, I would like to spend my whole life locked in the prison of missing.If the prisoner of my life, can change your life well, how much acacia suffering, I am willing to bear.Dear someone, I can’t forget your good, love your heart can’t break, really love a person, will wholeheartedly hope he is good, the rest of my life, I will be across the distance of the other side of this shore, silently pray for you, wish you a happy life.If you are well, it is sunny.Lovesickness addiction can not quit, love you forget feelings, the creation of people, both created this warm encounter, why bother to create this sad parting.Crisscrossed paths in the world of mortals, I regretfully missed you who love most in this life, casting the most helpless acacia in this life.Across the mountain long water far distance, acacia deep, but can not go to see you, how much missing, all into the canthus acerbity tears, gently floating in the years of the long wind.With tears, thinking of you, say don’t want to read, but always can not manage their own heart.Be sentimentally attached to in the bottom of my heart, with the time of glebe and glebe old, gradually become the belief of rock in my life.Day by day, night by night, when flowers bloom, leaves fall, I will always be deeply thinking of you, lovesickness addiction can not quit, love you forget.This life can not be with you to the old age, but I will keep the common memory of the two of us in my heart, lovesickness for you to the old, and the old time.Miss you, my favorite person, across the landscape of the world of mortals, you are my eternal lovesickness close your eyes, your eyebrows, your figure, your words, deeply wound in my mind.Open your eyes, mountains and water, clouds and sky, stars and moon, everything you see in your eyes can pull up your memory.You are the most beautiful encounter in the world, is the ripples in the depths of my heart, no matter where you are, my love will always be there for you.If love you is robbery, I would rather not cross life, if love you is fate, I would rather life-long obsession.Miss you, I love the people, the hustle and bustle of the world of mortals, time is like water without trace, my heart is always in the original place, watch ru si, deep feeling ru Si, silently compose the song for you the most unique acacia.Miss you, really want to miss you, across the landscape of the world of mortals, you will always be the longest feeling of my heart miss.Live, think of old, life is not old, love you unchanged!