Zizhong county do a good job of spring ploughing preparation solid harvest foundation

2022-05-28 0 By

At present, it is spring tillage preparation season, Zizhong county grab catch farming, many measures and do a good job of spring field management and spring tillage preparation work, for the whole year of food production to build a solid foundation.(1) Plan to build the park.Centering on the focus of “grain oriented, grain economy overall planning, planting and breeding cycle, and the integration of five crops”, the park continued to implement the establishment of grain oriented parks, highlighting the functions of modern agricultural parks such as industrial integration, farmer driving, technology integration, employment and income increase, and integrated project funds of 332.179 million yuan.To promote the development of rice and fishery industry, grain and vegetable industry, grain and oil seed industry, and wuliang integrated grain industry of ten thousand mu, and to plan the construction of four modern grain and oil demonstration parks of ten thousand mu, and five demonstration sites of mengtang Town planting and breeding cycle, Shuanglong Town hybrid corn seed production, Shuanghe Town high-quality grain and oil, Xinqiao Town high-quality grain and oil, and Longjie Town high-quality grain and oil.(2) Field services to increase production.A thousand officials went to the grass-roots level to organize a science and technology service team for grain, soybean and oilseed, consisting of 97 technical experts, to help people do a good job in field moisture drainage, fertilizer and water management, and monitoring and prevention of diseases and insect pests in the early spring.According to the preliminary statistics and monitoring, the rape planting area in 2022 is 240,200 mu, an increase of 0.1,100 mu, an increase of 0.46% compared with the previous year, rape first and second seedlings account for about 90%, rape aphid and sclerotinia are moderate to mild occurrence;The planting area of xiaospring grain was 116,200 mu, an increase of 0.1,600 mu, or 1.4%, compared with last year. The tiller of wheat field was in good shape, and the occurrence of wheat stripe rust, powdery mildew, sheath blight and aphid was mild. The yield was expected to increase by about 3% compared with last year.(3) Farmland construction foundation.In accordance with the “can fill line, absolute returns, appropriate machine operation, stable high yield, eco-friendly” standards, the implementation of the central and provincial county financial aid funds, a total of not less than 3000 yuan per mu longjiang, fish creek, continue to promote peace, citizens, yinshan, meng tong town of 11 major grain producing new high standard 70000 mu of farmland, all used for food production,Ensure “good farmland grain use”.(4) Agricultural supplies are ready for ploughing.More than 60 law enforcement officers were dispatched to randomly check agricultural markets for 10 times and 80 agricultural business households, with a 100% pass rate.The seed reserve of the county is 1.38 million kilograms (including 230,000 kilograms of rice and 1.15 million kilograms of corn), 260 tons of pesticides, 25,000 tons of fertilizer (reduced content), and 300 tons of agricultural film. The agricultural materials reserve is sufficient and the sales channels are smooth, which can meet the needs of spring production.It is estimated that more than 12,000 mu of rice seedlings, 284,200 mu of planting, 578,200 mu of corn sowing, 182,000 mu of soybean sowing, potato sowing area 472,200 mu, spring grain sowing area reached 1,565,700 mu, an increase of more than 20,000 mu compared to last year.