Go to a hospital to see a doctor, why is always recommended to do CT examination?When is CT needed?

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There are a lot of people who go to the hospital every day, and those who often go to the hospital, or someone in their family is often sick, need to go to the hospital, will find a problem, is to go to 10 times, 5 times, the doctor will say a word, go to the CT!Others, while waiting in line, found that many of the people at the front of the line were also scheduled for CT scans.Computed tomography (CT) in the waiting room, will see a lot of people waiting to be called, look at the number of hands, ranked no. One hundred, only one morning, and haven’t to go off work time, means there are hundreds of people a day to do CT examination, one question, why now more and more people to do CT examination, really have to do?Why do doctors always recommend CT?First of all, do not doubt the doctor, not to make money for the hospital, it is really necessary, because CT is widely used, can help detect many diseases, the focus is on several aspects of screening, such as:Heart disease, cancer, chronic deep breathing diseases and cerebrovascular diseases, with the progress of medicine, the application of CT is more, you can also help the screening spine, bone lesions, therefore, in the process of the doctor, if some things belong to the scope of lesions, the doctor will suggest a CT, CT examination report to accurately determine the illness,In addition, there are many types of CT available, which can be targeted to examine diseases. For example, brain CT, if it is a major lesion, it is recommended to do enhanced CT, which can more clearly analyze the lesion, more accurate judgment of the disease, and faster diagnosis.CT scans are performed differently for different lesions, and not all of us have the same understanding.When related lesions, CT examination in time, can be an early screening out the related disease, also can be treated as soon as possible, even if there is no problem, also can let oneself be assured that, after all, the occurrence of diseases, sometimes HouGuang on the basis of blood tests or other inspection, is not to come out of, or need some sophisticated medical equipment to check, can better find out the problem.In addition, CT can not only help to determine the disease, but also help patients who have been treated, check the recovery of the disease after surgery or other treatment, so as to change the treatment plan, the treatment of the disease will be more beneficial, the treatment results will be better.Doctors often recommend CT, the reverse can also explain a problem, is the country’s economic level, the hospital medical level also have improved, hospital of CT machine becomes much more, to know one thing, is the CT machine is very expensive, is also difficult to buy, more professionals to repair, if there is no more CT machine, once appear, damage,There’s no machine to do it, and in that case, even if you wanted to get a CT, you wouldn’t get one.02 So, when is CT needed?Pulmonary nodules, placeholder CT should be done in the above said, the application of CT in respiratory diseases have more, can help the screening of lung pathological changes, such as pulmonary nodules, now found to increase in the number of people lung nodules, there is the achievement of CT, its imaging parameters of high resolution is high, can help determine the illness faster, like nodules of tiny lesions,Through simple routine examination, it is impossible to accurately determine, and people with pulmonary nodules need regular follow-up, and the frequency of CT will increase as a result.In addition to lung nodules, CT can also help screen for pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer.CT should be done in some patients with coronary artery disease in patients with coronary heart disease coronary CT, need to do to help determine whether vascular patency, if found to have blocked, also can timely treatment, otherwise the risk of myocardial infarction (ami) will rise, vascular structure is relatively complex, and more fine, without CT examination, it is difficult to accurately determine condition, once the illness is aggravating, the chance of cardiovascular disease will also increase.Intracranial injury or brain lesions to do CT in intracranial lesions caused by injury, or a car accident and shooting, or other intracranial lesions caused by accident, in order to determine the damage degree, you need to do a CT, if the damage is more severe will need to do surgery, and surgery combined with CT report, in order to avoid emergency occurred during operation.As for CT estimation, most people have misunderstanding. Regarding the fact that doctors always recommend CT examination, most people will think it is doctors cheating for money. I hope that through this article, we can correctly understand the role of CT and understand that doctors do it because they need to, rather than cheating for money.Go to the hospital to find a doctor sick, through the instrument to check the disease, is the normal process of seeing a doctor, so as to avoid serious disease development, beneficial to health.References: 1. “Why do PEOPLE Wait in Long Lines for CT?”· Health Times ·2016.10.112. Are you one of the top three high-risk groups for lung cancer? Get A CT scan every year · Health Times ·2017.6.10# Healthy In the Year of the Tiger #