The first hole box girder erection of shanghai-Chengdu railway overpass project on Mingchao Expressway in Anhui was completed

2022-05-29 0 By

According to zhongan online, zhongan news client reported that at about 12 o ‘clock on April 7, as the 80-ton box girder slowly fell on the cover beam, marking the construction of the first hole box girder of the Shanghai-Chengdu railway overpass project on the Ming Chao Expressway by The Fourth Bureau of China Railway, the construction officially entered the construction stage of the girder.The shanghai-Chengdu railway overpass project is located in Quanjiao County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. The main construction content is the main bridge and auxiliary works in the southern section of zhanghui Junction of Mingguang expressway to Chaohu Expressway, and the prefabrication and erection of 222-hole box girder in the pipe section.The first hole of the box girder is 24.82 meters long, weighs 80 tons, and has a span of 25 meters. Two 130T cranes are used to erect the box girder, and 40 holes are planned to be erected in this stage.”There are difficulties in bridge erection in this section, such as the height of bridge piers and the complexity of transportation route. There are 20 bridge piers over 15 meters high, with the highest pier reaching 19.2 meters and the maximum gradient in transportation being 2%.”Li Yunfeng, project manager of shanghai-Chengdu railway overpass project of China Railway No. 4 Bureau of Mingchao Expressway, introduced that in order to ensure the smooth progress of girder erection, the project department carried out practical exercises on each link of box girder erection in advance, held a special meeting to discuss the operation process, and monitored each process of the whole process.The girder making plant can prefabricate 2 pieces of box girder every day, and 67 pieces of box girder have been prefabricated at present.After the beginning of bridge erection, more than 6 box girders can be erected on average every day to ensure the steady progress of girder erection according to the construction plan.The construction of this project will further improve the regional expressway network, which is of great significance to drive the economic and social development along the line.(Zhang Qingping, Cui Jian, Su Shiyang reporter Liu Yucai)