Whether a car is good or bad is decided in an instant

2022-05-29 0 By

The improvement of economic level, had a great influence on our lives, made a sea change, life is getting better and better, the requirement of people also get higher, most of a pursuit to perfection, even, of course, the overall consumption concept also is very accord with the present, in this part of the people, their choice, tend to be much more difficult, why?Because for the average person, car, we can consume, but is not a one-time items, we tend to consider more comprehensive, from the idea of everyone to know, and then in the decision, so, this time a car is a moment of good and bad are being decided, then today it said, what are the attractions auchan?First of all, the engine is Blue Whale, one of China’s top ten engines, more than 10 days of 200+ hours of limit test, quality is guaranteed, followed by flexible subframe, why say flexible subframe is also more attractive?Flexible auxiliary frame carrying are often in some imported brands, or high-end brands, and this often is the production cost is much higher, then auchan is carrying the flexible frame first, and then there is qualcomm 8-core xiao the godson, the most intelligent voice butler, configuration is also very rich, can experience to spend tens of hundreds of thousands of configuration, have to say that the car really attractive,The other is super luxury large space, the space of the back row is absolutely big enough, and the power of 1.5T makes the economy and fuel economy play to the extreme.Well, the above is just the tip of the iceberg of Auchan, what else you want to know, you can pay attention to xiaobian oh