Women after menopause, there will be good things to happen, three diseases or “away from you”, look not to lose

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At the beginning of the article, I would like to ask you a question: is menopause really so terrible when a woman reaches middle age?Most women want menopause to come as late as possible, because menopause means aging, and after all, everyone wants to be beautiful.In fact, menopause does not represent a disease, menopause will not necessarily aging, menopause is a natural expression of people, more affected by genetic factors, women should adjust their attitude.There is no need to be pessimistic after menopause. Menopause at a certain age is a normal psychological phenomenon, which is neither good nor bad. It can even make some problems go away from you, such as the following:Many of your female friends will have some discomfort during menstruation. For example, a few days before menstruation, there will be breast tenderness and pain. After menstruation, there will be dysmenorrhea, which is caused by changes in estrogen levels.After menopause, although estrogen level secretion is reduced, but estrogen level will become stable, no obvious increase or decrease, will not cause breast pain, but we also need to pay attention to, if breast pain occurs after menopause, to go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination, or breast problems.Uterine fibroids slowly atrophy a lot of women in the physical examination of the time can be found to have uterine fibroids, in fact, such a situation need not worry about, because most of the uterine fibroids are benign, only a few will appear worsening situation.Fibroids are caused by high estrogen levels, and when a woman’s estrogen levels drop after menopause, fibroids slowly shrink, so there is no risk of malignant changes, reducing the risk of uterine cancer.Endometriosis is simply a condition where the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, or gets into the base of the uterus, where it shouldn’t be.Like uterine fibroids, endometriosis also belongs to hormone-dependent disease, without hormone secretion of the endometriosis, it will not grow a disease, will not happen until after menopause ovarian function recession, unable to produce enough estrogen, will make most of the endometriosis better.What is the best age for women to go through menopause?The normal age of menopause for women is between 45 and 55 years old. Most women reach menopause between 50 and 52 years old, which is the best time for menopause.Premature menopause will lead to premature lack of estrogen level in women, increase the incidence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, urinary infectious diseases and other diseases, will also lead to premature aging of women’s appearance and posture.Menopause age is too late, it is easy to lead to an increase in the prevalence of estrogen-dependent tumors, such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer.In fact, women do not need to care about their menopause, really care about their menopause age, that is, at the age of menopause, if you can menopause at the best age, it is a good thing.What problem should the female notice after menopause?Low supplement estrogen female friends need just the right amount of estrogen, can make the egg to become more mature, also can stimulate the secretion of estrogen, be helpful for personal health, suggested that women need to eat more black beans, Chinese wolfberry, peanut, black rice, and royal jelly food, the food can be anti-aging.Women should eat less processed food, especially some fast food, which is very harmful to the human body.● The stability that maintains a mood most women can let oneself too be agitated after entering menopause, often appear easily the phenomenon of mood instability, and if the woman lets him mood instability for a long time easily let organ follow aging, mood instability can let irascibility exuberant.It will make blood impassable, so it will make you look older, so let yourself have a good mood, keep the state of mind stable.● Adhere to the exercise of women after menopause, ovarian function will slowly disappear, the secretion of estrogen in the body decreased, their own metabolism is also a big supplement before menopause.Accordingly, the woman after menopause can hold to motion for a long time to control weight, but do not do too intense motion, motion time also cannot too long, it is ok to sweat slightly only, if taiji, yoga, walk, can control weight not only, still can improve mood greatly.Thus it can be seen that:Menopause is not good for nothing, this a few questions or will be readily solved, hope women friends don’t worry and anxiety should learn to adjust good state of mind, a change of perspective, menopause is inevitable, this is normal, the normal age of menopause, is that your body is healthy, and not put the cart before the horse, give oneself increment unnecessary psychological burden, this is bad for health.