Four sections of NBA star leadership ability: Magic Diamond, Master James, Kobe Bryant

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NBA games attract fans most are the top stars, especially their amazing performance in the game, become the classic picture in the hearts of fans.So in the history of the NBA, who can lead the team to the top?Here’s a look at four positions where NBA stars lead teams.▼ bright diamonds: magic Johnson and larry bird put magic Johnson and larry bird in this paragraph, let many people feel a little low, especially the magician, in a lot of fans might be king level ability to lead, but don’t forget that the two stars show is integrating team to champions, basic condition is really too good.Before the magic entered the NBA, Jabbar had already worked in the Lakers, to 1985 after the magic to the peak, the side and many James – Worthy, Byron – Scott, this can be an average of 20+ star, this kind of helper thickness only in the 1960s Russell can comparable.Bird is the same truth, Auerbach in the draft night god operation, bird, McHale, Parrish combination into the green three, later Dennis – Johnson, Bill – Walton, Danny Ainge are not general generation, the green team can be said to shine.So the evaluation of the older generation of stars, not blindly high, Magic and Bird is very great, career honor is extremely rich, super game ability, but it does not affect us to point out that two career teammates have always been strong, lead the team difficulty is small this fact, so it is reasonable to put two people in the diamond section.James’ penetration and passing skills allow him to have his own system wherever he goes, and if he has the right teammates, that system can win.But the system is a bit demanding, requiring a mid-range shooter, an inside man who can stretch the floor, and a bunch of 3D role players.So with the Heat and Cavs, James needed the big Three to win, while with the Lakers, Davis could be a mid-range stalker and open up the paint, so the two-core model could win.Of course, there will be fans and even professional commentators who will say that the 2018 playoffs will be the peak of James’ leadership.It’s true that James had an almost flawless performance that year, and one of the best solo performances in history, but there are two things that can’t be ignored.First eastern opponents level is not enough, Mr Lardy wave, demar derozan, lowry, tatooine, Gordon brown, the star of the team and the strength of the level is very general, the second is the finals at golden state’s 4-0 gap is too big, and at the same time with harden and Paul rockets do contrast, James led faced with high-level rival, inadequate performance.Many people have overlooked Bryant’s ability to lead a team, because after shaquille O ‘Neal left in 2004, Bryant was injured and the team did not make the playoffs in the first round the following two seasons.But with the lakers’ roster, it was a miracle that Bryant was able to get the team into the playoffs and play back and back against the SUNS, a league powerhouse. Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm and Smush Parker would have gone straight to the no. 1 pick.The 2007-08 season is also one of the most overlooked. Pau Gasol joined the team late in the season, and for most of the first half of the season, Kobe Bryant led the team to the top of the Western Conference, even though his teammates were injured and their records sank.Compared to other teams in the Western Conference at that time, Kobe Bryant’s leadership difficulty is amazing.Bryant led the lakers to the Finals three years in a row, winning two titles in a row, with only pau Gasol at his side and no other star player.Bryant’s ability to lead a team is one of the best in NBA history.If the greatest team leader in NBA history, it must be the great Michael Jordan.When Jordan joined the Bulls, the team was the underdog in the Eastern Conference. Jordan took the team to the playoffs and was competitive in the series.Pippen joined the team, but at the beginning, Pippen’s level was not as good as that of later, especially in the key games easy to lose, but Jordan did not leave the Bulls, but patiently waiting for his teammates to improve, at the same time, also hone his ability to break the limit.Finally, in 1991, Jordan knocked out the Detroit pistons, and since then, with the exception of a precipitous comeback loss to the Magic in 1995, Jordan has gone six years without losing 24 playoff series, building a two-time Triple Crown dynasty that is more dominant than any other in league history.Especially the final champion, Jordan teammates around age, by injuries, Jordan is almost mononuclear led to complete the final govinda, its ability, technology, willpower, leadership, a critical point of multiple links such as courage, is a perfect combination with the show, so Jordan was the first person, ability to lead.