Global top 25 brands ranking exposure!The White House has been stunned by Huawei’s reversal of China’s dominance over an American firm for the first time

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According to the Itar-Tass news agency on January 27, the number of Chinese companies in the world’s top 25 brands has surpassed that of the United States, and Huawei has made remarkable achievements despite the SANCTIONS imposed by the United States.According to the current development momentum, Chinese enterprises will eventually surpass Their American counterparts and make greater achievements in the global market, which is well worth expecting.Recently, the global Brand Valuation and consulting institute released the list of the top 500 global brand value enterprises, and the progress of Chinese enterprise brands is very fast.Huawei entered the top 10 global brand value rankings for the first time, ranking 9th, the first time a Chinese company has been ranked in the top 10.It is not easy for Huawei to achieve such achievements. Since 2019, huawei has been subjected to various sanctions by the US, and the sanctions have been further upgraded in 2020, which has greatly affected huawei’s mobile phone business and communication base station business.However, Huawei still managed to reverse the trend, and its brand value rose by 30%, ranking the ninth in the world. Such a result also shocked the White House, which was embarrassed. After all, it used the power of a country to sanction an enterprise, which was not destroyed, but more and more powerful.After the sanctions, Huawei’s business did decline, but with its high-quality products and services, it still won the trust of many domestic and foreign enterprises.At present, many enterprises of America’s ally countries still insist on supporting Huawei. They are also in difficulties, and such support is even more rare.The success of Huawei shows that an enterprise with excellent products and services will win the trust of customers, which needs to be learned by more Chinese enterprises.According to the public global brand value rankings, 11 of the top 25 companies are Chinese, exceeding 9 from the United States. This is the first time that Chinese brands have overtaken American companies.The U.S. still leads the top 10, but Chinese companies are catching up fast, something the White House fears.Because for American companies, they have long completed the global layout, it is not easy or there is little space to continue to expand the global market share.However, Chinese enterprises are rapidly moving toward globalization. As long as Chinese enterprises successfully go global, they will inevitably occupy the market share of American enterprises.At present, many Chinese enterprises actually rely on the huge domestic market to support the brand value, which belongs to the stage of being timid. When they successfully go global, the threat to American enterprises will be greater.In fact, the ranking of global brand value also reflects the situation of China and the United States. Although the United States, as the most powerful country in the world, has a decline in its overall strength, it still has a lot of large enterprises with a very important position in the global market.In recent decades, Chinese enterprises have achieved great achievements through rapid development. Although there is still a certain gap with American enterprises on the overall level, these enterprises have greater development potential. If everything develops normally, it is very likely to overtake American enterprises.The development speed of Chinese enterprises is basically synchronous with the development speed of the country. When China’s comprehensive national strength further improves, the influence of Chinese enterprises in the world will further increase, especially Internet enterprises and financial enterprises. If they can successfully go global, the development speed will be very fast.It is expected that more Chinese enterprises will successfully enter the international market.