Olympic Doping control officer: Every medal is clean

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(Xu Shiyu, People’s Daily Health App) “Hello, I’m doping control officer.”This is one of Li yahong’s most repeated opening lines after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics began.Li yahong, a nurse at the International department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital and the mother of a 3-year-old boy, is the only blood inspector among the nine doping inspectors at the Wukesong Olympic Games. She is qualified to collect urine samples and blood samples (including dried blood points).Li yahong told People’s Daily Health Client that doping control is a rigorous job that requires “zero mistakes”.The more you learn about doping control, the more awe you have.Because they exist to maintain a fair and just sports environment, but also for every player can get clean MEDALS.Li yahong.On January 23, Li yahong entered the closed-loop management of the Winter Olympic Games, and from then on, she began her two-point, one-line life in wukesong venues and isolated hotels.Every morning at 9 am, I get up and go through the security check of the hotel with my registration card. The beep means that the nucleic acid test result is negative and I go through the security check.Buses transport staff to the venue in a closed loop, leaving at 10 o ‘clock.”Doping test sample collection, sounds like you might feel a little embarrassed, single-sex supervision after micturition prosecutors accompanied by athletes to toilet, language guide athletes will two sleeves to the elbow, coat filed to the chest, the pants to the knee, to oversee the urination check faculties barrier-free observe urine samples from athletes discharge process in the body.After the urine volume meets the requirements, the athletes should be instructed to personally complete the separation of A and B sample bottles, and the samples should not leave the sight of the inspector and the athletes before the completion of sealing.Sealed vials will be sent to the laboratory for monitoring throughout the process, and vials A will be used for testing, and vials B will be sealed for 10 years if the test results are negative.”Li told People’s Daily Health Client that there needs to be a high degree of cooperation between the prosecutors and the athletes, and all operations need to be internalized in order to have a fairer competition, rather than to get anyone into trouble.That’s what everyone agrees on.One doping test that impressed Li yahong was a 14-year-old Chinese athlete.Urine inspection is a very, very common inspection method, but check in urine and urine specific gravity have strict requirements, not inform to the athletes can start the sample collection, the athletes can’t provide the needed time of urine, notify the athlete’s attorney or escorts the line of sight can’t leave the athlete, until the athletes get to the doping control station for inspection.During this process, athletes do relaxation exercises, interviews, therapy, meals…She looked at him talking to the team doctor, teammates and coaches. “Kids are so polite and sensible now.””Li yahong exclaimed.Li Yahong and other doping control officers are on the bus.Unlike Li’s previous job as a nurse, she is a generalist and an easy recourse for everyone in the hospital.But the doping inspectors are always popping up, at the hotels where the athletes are resting, at the venues where they are training, but the athletes are so used to their presence that they know each other the importance of the raids.The recruitment of doping control officers is open to the whole society, but blood test officers need to be qualified to collect blood, so the National Health Commission recommends blood test officers for the Winter Olympics, mainly nurses.As a working medical staff member, Li yahong became the only blood inspector who could conduct blood tests and dry blood spot tests in the entire Wukesong doping control team.Athletes should rest for at least two hours after training before blood can be drawn for biological passport checks;Other blood tests require athletes to sit with their feet on the ground for 10 minutes before taking a blood sample.According to Li yahong, the dry blood spot test has many advantages such as less trauma, convenient sampling, convenient transportation, high stability, friendly athletes and no gender restrictions on sample collection personnel.Always ready for doping control, which usually lasts until one or two in the morning.Li yahong and her colleagues laughed that after entering the closed loop, they could not tell what day of the week it was, and they did not know whether it was morning or night. The whole person was in a highly nervous state, “Once there is a mistake, it will affect the whole game.”As a nurse, Li was also in charge of the anti-doping team in Wukesong due to the epidemic. After finishing the eradication and epidemic prevention work, Li followed the last group of staff back to the hotel.It was dark, but outside the bus Beijing was still brightly lit.Li yahong is surrounded by 12 volunteers who were born in the 2000s from universities in Beijing. When she sees them, she always thinks of her 3-year-old child.She plays a game of “Mommy goes on a business trip” with her son in advance, and mom always comes back within the promised time.Before entering the closed loop, she told her son to bang bang, “Mom is going on a business trip!You should brush your teeth well, wash your face well, don’t be late for kindergarten, help your mother take good care of your father, take good care of your grandparents, and take good care of yourself. Mom has prepared many surprises for you as rewards!”Li yahong said she hid her son’s favorite toy car at home, and would take her son to find a surprise in the video when he performed well, which was a great encouragement for the child.For a long time before entering the Closed loop of the Winter Olympic Games, Li Yahong was in charge of nucleic acid testing for quarantined diplomats.Bang Bang knows her mother has to work from Monday to Friday, but she is always unhappy when she leaves home on Saturday and Sunday.It’s not easy to explain work to young children, but Li is good at breaking down concepts into things they can understand.Li Yahong to explain her work to the child, take photos of the ambulance to him, recording her ambulance to the destination of the process, Li Yahong left home and bang bang goodbye: “bang bang, ambulance pick up mom to hit the virus!”Bang Bang likes toy cars very much, and he will chase after his mother to tell stories about ambulances when she comes home from work. For him, it is very meaningful for his mother to go to work in an ambulance.Mr. Li yahong and his son recorded New Year wishes for her.”My mother is working with athletes in the Winter Olympics,” Li yahong told Bang Bang, who did not know what a doping control officer was.This is Li yahong’s first time as a doping control officer at the Winter Olympics and her first time as a mother.She hopes to have fewer regrets in life. Her children, husband and other family members all support her to become a doping control officer. The hospital where she worked for many years gave her this precious opportunity.Like her, the doping inspectors at the Games are making sure the games are clean, clean, fair and clean.