Roller’s “Three steps”

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Road roller pressure generally includes: general compaction including initial pressure, compound pressure and final pressure.If the initial pressure can meet the density requirements, there is no need to repressure, but in practice, these three steps are still maintained.Roller sprinkling pump 1 initial pressure is generally used with steel roller, but there will be a phenomenon of passage, that is, the mixture in front of the drum is moved horizontally by pressure, and cracks may occur after compaction.In actual operation, rubber roller is also used for initial pressure, but because of the high temperature at initial pressure, the mixture is easy to adhere to the tire, and the traces left are not easy to remove, so the rubber roller has more opportunities for repressure.2. There are more opportunities for compound pressing to operate with rubber roller. First, the rubber roller compaction is a kind of rubbing compaction, and the compaction effect is good, and the small cracks produced by steel roller compaction can be removed.Second, compaction of rubber wheel will make the slurry formed by asphalt, mineral powder and fine aggregate in the mixture float up, so that the upper surface is closer and waterproof is better.Roller steel wheel 3 final pressure is to remove the roller traces, in order to keep the road surface flat, and the use of steel roller.Home of construction machinery main building road equipment accessories, at the same time our company can overhaul paver, roller, milling machine, maintenance of hydraulic pump motor, we have professional maintenance and experienced technical guidance, any equipment accessories problems, you can contact us, for your project escort!Due to the expansion of business needs, the home of construction machinery acquisition of second-hand road rollers, milling planers, pavers, graders, you have a source of goods can contact our home of construction machinery!Wechat small program online at the same time, you can search the home of construction machinery online purchase, more convenient!Construction machinery home disclaimer! Part of the content source network!This article is only for exchange and learning, the copyright belongs to the original author, some of the content push failed to timely contact the original author, if the source is wrong or violated your rights and interests, please inform us, we will immediately delete.