A group of volunteers who are connected with the Spring Festival travel rush

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The 2022 Spring Festival travel rush in Shenzhen started on Jan 17 and will last for more than 40 days.The volunteer team led by Captain LAN Silan immediately transferred to Shenzhen Railway Station after completing the nucleic acid testing volunteer service and started to work at around 7 am on time on the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush.LAN Silan was called “Sister LAN” by her peers. The volunteer team she led was affiliated with the volunteer team directly under Nanhu Street in Luohu District and the Volunteer Association of Luohu Folk Music.Sister LAN has been a volunteer for 7 years, with a total service time of more than 8,000 hours. She was named one of the 100 Outstanding volunteers in Shenzhen.On January 7 this year, a case of the epidemic appeared in Shenzhen, and several rounds of nucleic acid testing were started. LAN’s team immediately organized volunteers to serve.These tasks are not over, the Spring Festival travel began, Sister LAN’s team immediately to serve the Spring Festival travel.Sister LAN’s daughter took advantage of her vacation and came to the train station to volunteer. The mother and daughter met each other occasionally, one outside the station and the other inside the station.Sister LAN’s team has been providing volunteer services for shenzhen Railway Station for 8 consecutive years.Volunteers know every service, every part of the station like the back of their hand.All kinds of questions from passengers are handled with ease.However, the epidemic has just emerged in Shenzhen, which has to face a large number of tourists and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The two heavy responsibilities are on the shoulders, which is different from the general Spring Festival travel rush.The station is large, and being a guide is an important task.”Where do I get in for the bullet train?””Where is the waiting hall for guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity railway?””Where do I wait for the T-K train?”‘The ticket office?”Where is the automatic ticket?””Where’s the subway?””Where is the mall?””Is there a restaurant?”And so on.A dry mouth and hoarse voice are common features of volunteers who answer countless such questions a day.When passengers arrive at the station, some unexpected problems often arise, and volunteers should be patient and careful to guide and solve them.Some passengers suddenly found no ID card, or lost on the road, then to guide them to the public security window to do temporary ID card;It has lots of stations, making passengers less anxious, making them take the tube or taxi as quickly as possible to get to another station if they make an inadvertent mistake.Some elderly passengers and passengers with mobility difficulties need escorts, but escorts are not allowed to enter the station during the Spring Festival travel rush, so volunteers should be arranged as escorts.Passengers with many trips, it is easy to fall on the escalator, volunteers should always pay attention to rush to the rescue.Due to the large passenger flow during the Spring Festival travel rush, epidemic prevention work should be focused on.According to the regulations, 48 hours of nucleic acid certification is required to enter the station. Some passengers have taken nucleic acid for more than 48 hours, and some passengers have been delayed on the road for a long time, just over ten minutes. They can only patiently explain and guide them to refund tickets.Some passengers are nucleic acid results have not come out, if there is time, ask them to wait, if the train is about to depart, can only refund the ticket.Volunteers are also very protective, standing for hours at a time in protective suits and gloves, hats and masks.The slogan of the volunteers is “giving roses to others leaves fragrance in their hands”. The words of “thank you” from the tourists make them very warm and any fatigue disappears, which is also their motivation to do volunteer work.Sister LAN’s team has a special team, is luohu people’s south business district party members.People’s South Business District is an area with People’s South Road as the main axis and International Trade Building as the center, starting from Shennan East Road in the north, luohu Port and railway station in the south, Dongmen South Road in the east and Heping Road in the west, which is exactly the same as the service area of Sister LAN’s team.After the epidemic broke out in Shenzhen in May 2021, Yuan Xiaojiang, the first secretary of the Party Committee of the People’s Southern Business District, led party members to join The volunteer team of Sister LAN for six consecutive days, including a three-day holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival.After the outbreak of the epidemic in Shenzhen, the Party Committee of the People’s Southern Business District immediately called on the mobilization of its party branches, all party members, according to their own advantages and conditions to support the anti-epidemic and Spring Festival transport, some of the party members joined the volunteer team of Sister LAN, so that the party flag flying high in the busy Spring Festival transport.END author: Yuan Xiaojiang editor: Tao Zheng Nuclear school: Xiao Ming New Year’s Day youth Shenzhen to pay New Year’s greetings to you

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