Chengde Medical College held the 2022 spring semester teaching work

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On March 10th, the 2022 spring semester teaching work was held in Chengde Medical College. More than 30 persons in charge of the graduate School, the Higher medical education Research Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the teaching Supervision group and various teaching schools (departments and departments) attended the meeting.Vice President Li Yuhong attended the meeting, dean zhang Lei presided over the meeting.Chen Zhihong, dean of graduate School, introduced the key work of graduate education in this semester: one is to do a good job in the reexamination and enrollment of graduate students, improve the quality of students;Second, strengthen graduate student training and degree management, improve degree thesis level;Third, strengthen the construction and evaluation of subject points to further improve the strength of the subject.Li Yingping, director of the Research Office of Higher Medical Education, introduced the key work of teaching reform in this semester: first, continue to do a good job in the “four mastery and four combination” related work of curriculum ideological and political, strengthen the deep integration of curriculum ideological and political and professional education;Second, promote the organic combination of classroom education and modern educational technology;Third, continue to promote the construction of first-class undergraduate majors and courses.Zhang Lei introduced the main points of undergraduate teaching work in this semester: one is to implement the fundamental task of moral education and promote the ideological and political construction of curriculum;Second, to promote the connotative development of the construction of new majors and increase the investment in new majors;Thirdly, strengthen the publicity of enrollment to attract high-quality students;Fourth, continue to promote the information construction of teaching management;Fifth, strengthen clinical teaching management and improve the quality of clinical teaching;Sixth, strengthen the guarantee of teaching conditions, strengthen the construction of teaching experiment center;Seventh, we will fully launch the revision of the 2022 talent training plan.Li Yuhong made a concluding speech.She affirmed the efforts of teaching-related functional departments and departments in teaching work, and systematically summarized the achievements of undergraduate and graduate education in specialty construction, base construction, teaching quality engineering and quality assurance system construction in the recent three years centering on the goal of medical university construction.At the same time, she gave guidance to the teaching work of this semester: First, to implement epidemic prevention and control and campus security work;The second is to consolidate the foundation of talent training and pay attention to the connotative development of ideological and political education;Third, constantly improve the quality assurance system, to meet the professional certification, audit and evaluation actively prepare;Fourth, promote four “integration” — the integration of disciplinary and professional curriculum construction, undergraduate and graduate education and teaching, management, teaching and research, construction and evaluation.The convening of the conference, for the new semester work to carry out a clear direction, clear the thinking, inspired the spirit.Under the leadership of the party Committee of the school, the school said that it would continue to firmly establish the central position of talent training, be brave to open up and concentrate, and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training.(Correspondent: Fan Meng, Chengde Medical College)