Deficiency of kidney essence?A kidney tonic formula, simple two traditional Chinese medicine bubble water, Yin and Yang double fill light body not old

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Whether you have this kind of feeling, always feel him all over normally uncomfortable, the commonest feels him waist genu acerbity is soft namely, feel him all over make do not go up strong do not have vigor, and return in the evening frequent get up night to go up toilet, how is this to return a responsibility?In fact, this kind of situation is mostly caused by deficiency of kidney essence from the point of view of Traditional Chinese medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney is the origin of congenital, the main store essence.Kidney essence is the basic substance of human life activities, it can generate kidney Yang to warm the whole body, kidney Yin to support the viscera in our body.If because the body is weak, long illness deficient deficient, the reason such as sexual affairs not to bring about kidney essence deficient deficient, kidney essence once deficient deficient cannot provide energy and nutrient for the body very well.Therefore, there will be a series of pathological phenomena such as waist and knees sour and soft, loose teeth, fatigue, less gas and lazy words, premature aging, early white hair and beard.So what should we do?Follow the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to fill the deficiency, so in this case it is necessary to nourish the kidney essence.Today, I would like to share with you a small prescription from Shi Jinmo for Medicine, which can relieve waist pain, frequent nocturia and fatigue caused by deficiency of kidney essence. There are only two Chinese herbs in this prescription, Xunduan and Huangjing.Next, let’s take a look at the beauty of these two Traditional Chinese medicines.Let’s start with yellow essence.From the name can be seen, huang Jing of the tonic essence of the ability.It tastes sweet and smooth, good tonifying qi, spleen runfei, nourishing kidney Yin.To kidney fine deficiency deficiency brings about waist genu acerbity soft, whole body fatigue, can use yellow fine.And huang Jing into the body, not only can quickly shorten the recovery time of kidney qi, but also can stabilize the five zang organs, in the “This Jing Feng yuan” records huang Jing can be wide and beneficial qi, even the five zang organs, so that the muscle filling, strong bone marrow, are Yin.It can be seen that huang Jing has the ability to fill Yin and blood essence and has a good regulating effect on kidney jing deficiency.Then there is the rhizome, the dry root of the rhizome.Taste bitter, spicy, mild temperature, can enter the liver, kidney two classics, can complement the liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles, continue to break injury.It is recorded in “Medicinal meaning” that it can be bitter to raise blood, good blood damage, broken bones and muscles.From this we can see that continuation can tongli blood, for waist and leg pain has a very good effect.In general, the combination of huangjing and Xusheng can not only nourish kidney essence, but also remove blood stasis and benefit blood vessels. It can be said that it is a compact and economical small prescription for tonic benefits.Well, today and everyone to share here,.Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section. I’m Dr. Shen. Thank you for your attention and likes.