“Rain” during the thick spring Malone Xuanwei to “Tanchun”

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Today is “rain”, from now on, rain will be more and more, vitality will be more and more thick.In such a warm spring, the recovery of the good time, spring outing is too appropriate!Today, let’s go to two places to walk around and take in the spring scenery, shall we?Beauty?Here is Qujing Malone District, where thousands of acres of rape flowers are blooming, to the earth wearing a golden “corolla”.In particular, tongquan street of the old corner village Phoenix Bay, a piece of rape held high, like “embroidered” on the earth of the golden brocade, from far and near to spread out, magic color like luster dazzle god fan, will render the spring magnificent!Inside the sea of flowers, it was very lively.Wave after wave of visitors to the golden Spring Festival in the “clock” as a souvenir, live up to the Spring Festival!Da Longjing community in Malone district, a total of more than 2,000 acres of rape, mainly concentrated in laojiao Zhai.Now look around, “jinhai” roaming, rich flowers intoxicating, gorgeous scenery unforgettable!Now let’s leave the countryside, come to the city, continue to browse the boundless spring!This is Wanshui Park in Xuanwei City, everywhere is a lush world.Spring outing refers to outing, walking and participating in various games in spring.Place yourself in a beautiful environment, to release the pressure of work and life, adjust the mood, the mood is comfortable, the spirit is joyful!Han Yu said: “Spring is the most beneficial, absolutely better than smoke willow full emperor”;Yuan Mei said: “The warbler in February day, blowing the dike drunk spring smoke.”Why not enjoy the charm of spring, you say, when rain and the weekend are rolled into one?Reporter/Qujing Tai Zhang Jingyun Gan He Xuanwei Rong Media Center Ma Jie Li Qing report editor/Yunnan Tai Chen Yu editor/Bai Lian © Yunshi News qicaiyun