What kind of compensation? 13 figures?!Someone got a $19.8 trillion check. What happened?

2022-06-01 0 By

According to Xinhua News Agency on February 14, an electricity company in the UK recently handed out compensation payments to some customers by inserting the number of electricity meters in the “amount” column of cheques, which resulted in some customers receiving cheques with a sum as high as 13 figures.Tens of thousands of customers were without power for several days as powerful storm Aven swept across the UK in November.Northern Power is currently issuing compensation payments to affected customers.Instead, 74 users in the north of England received checks worth trillions of pounds, with some paying out more than 2.3tn pounds.The company explained on Monday that these were clerical errors, and the company mistakenly filled in the customer’s electricity meter number in the amount payable column when filling out the check.The day before, user Gareth Hughes had contacted Northern Power on Social media twitter with a picture of the cheque he had received, joking: ‘Are you 100% sure you can afford it before I go to the bank to cash it?’The picture shows more than £2.3 trillion due.Hughes, 44, from West Yorkshire, lost power at his home for more than three days during the storm, CCTV Finance reported.He said he had previously received a cheque for £135 and complained about the underpayment.”I know it’s probably an unrealistic amount,” he laughs about the new check.A Northern Spokesman said the company “immediately [acted] to ensure checks were frozen for all 74 customers as soon as we confirmed the clerical error” and promised to send them the corrected checks on The 14th.She said: “We are investigating how the error occurred and have reviewed previous compensation payments.All indications are that this is an isolated incident.”Source: National Business News integrated CCTV finance, Xinhua News Agency