Xinjiang figure on the Winter Olympics, and handsome!Sayin again!

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The wonderful moments of athletes striving for the Beijing Winter Olympics make people’s hearts swell!Creative opening ceremony makes people want more!Proud of their country, but also proud of their home power in the Winter Olympics.Show movement forces the Olympics in the history of the Chinese delegation sent 177 athletes participating constitute the largest and most complete project legions of Chinese games are so huge and excellent team has 6 “xinjiang Eva” the hometown of player when filter is always bring skin care see the zha zha and see who they are in what project Tian Rui ning and teammates before winter Olympics visit tiananmen square.Li Liping for speed skater Tian Ruining from Karamay Speed skating is the foundation of ice and snow sports Tian Ruining will appear in the individual short distance event Diniger won the hot spring race.Cross-country skier Dinegar Yilamujiang is the final torchbearer of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Her father is also a cross-country skier, and her sister is a member of the national team.Bayani Garin, a skier from Altay, the birthplace of human skiing, takes part in cross-country skiing at the Bird’s Nest stage of the 2019 IAF Cross-country skiing points competition. Bayani, who was a semi-finalist, takes part in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4, 2019.Yang Xiuhua for snowboarding u-shaped venue athlete was born in urumqi county Wang Ziyang ShuiXiGou town on February 9, he at genting ski park attended the man snowboarding u-shaped ground skills competition Wang Ziyang almost every winter when children spend a lot of snow in the silk road of xinjiang international resort friends can be proud to say that I also glides across the snow with his Chinese player in na, AdaGram “heart” after the game.The “handsome and say-so” speed skater Ahenal Adak from Hutubi County is competing in the 2020-2021 National Cross-country skiing Championships.Hades Badrihan (centre) and his teammates won gold in the men’s 4 x 10km team relay, as well as two individual golds in the 50km team start and the ultra-long distance individual all-around.Team Shandong cross-country skier Hadiz Badrihan, also from Xinjiang, made his Winter Olympics debut in the men’s double pursuit of cross-country skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 6. They are both torchbearers dinigal Yilamujiang from Xinjiang province and Zhao Jiawen from Shanxi Province lit the cauldron.Dinegar Iramujiang and Zhao Jiawen, who were born after 00, are the final torchbearers during the Olympic torch relay on February 2.The Torch of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is carried through the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing on Wednesday.Photo provided by 2022 Beijing News Center The fourth torchbearer of the Olympic Forest Park on the morning of February 2 is Maimaitijiang Wumaier, the “July 1 Medal” winner from Bulikai Village, Wenyar town, Yining County, Ma Junwu during the torch relay on February 2.The Xinhua News Agency Him taken on February 2, afternoon in Beijing shougang the sixth torchbearer of the Olympic torch relay in the garden is the 10th division of xinjiang production and construction corps of the 185 team worker, the wu outposts edge member jun-wu ma on February 4, uch turpan accordance with the common language elementary school principals in the town of numbness kurban omar niyaz become the torch relay for the Beijing Olympics, the Summer Palace site no. 20 torchbearers them,Yessri Wulongbhat, now studying at Minzu University of China, participated in the national flag passing ceremony at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.In winter Olympics flag admission link with melodious music, “I and my country,” more than 100 Chinese from all walks of life, advanced model character, the representative of the 56 nationalities, transfer the bright five-star red flag slowly with both hands to the stadium the flag-raising area among them there are mamat jiang, we buy, and the seven xinjiang students free from the central university for nationalities, my dragon bart said. “I feelBai Yu, from the Culture Center of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang province, is one of the directors of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The picture shows her studying the performance plan with members of the directing team.Photo provided by Liu Xinxin This girl named Bai Yu is a mass artistic worker at the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture Cultural Center. She is mainly responsible for the opening ceremony of the Olympic anthem and the last link of the Olympic fire lighting ceremony. She is the instructor of the Chinese sports delegation, Diao Yuehan, carrying the “China” snowflake team card.Photo source:Olympic Games weibo from xinjiang kuqa, diao month culvert now studying in Beijing institute of fashion technology is a senior student in more than four months as the Olympics opening ceremony usher cumulative training more than 400 hours sign for the motherland, how lucky he, attended the opening ceremony, kuqa guy MaiWuLan YiMaiEr took part in the performance of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.Maiulan Aimeer, who graduated from Kuqa No. 4 Middle School, participated in the opening ceremony. Now he is studying in Beijing Sport University. He and his partner roller skated out of the “Chinese knot” in the vast white snow, showing the New Olympic motto “Higher, Faster, Stronger — More united” to the world.Elzati McGinty is the national technical Officer for Alpine skiing.From xinjiang altay yel of extraction McGee extraction from January 21 at 4 o ‘clock in the morning, when others are still in the bed he flat field by means of ski these are amazing opening ceremony the forerunner in the land of snow generated, the pedal skis, carrying a single lever of paintings of hunting, in altay city khan’s essential Mongolian countryside pier DE braque,It’s about 12,000 years old or more.The ancient fur skiing in the picture can be called the “living fossil” of human skiing history, from apricot flowers in grain rain to the lake in major cold, from the colorful beach in autumn equinox to the nine twists and eighteen turns of Xiaoman, from the rainbow in wheat fields planted in Grain in Ear to the Hemu village at the beginning of winter.Before the Spring Festival, Zhang Zhenyuan received commemorative clothing for the director team of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Before the Spring Festival, Zhang Zhenyuan received commemorative clothes for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Zhang Zhenyuan provides “the effect of the presentation is great, quite a surprise!Zhang Zhenyuan, a photographer from Xinjiang Yaci Cultural Development Co., LTD, said he also received commemorative clothing for the opening and closing ceremonies from the director team before the Spring Festival. A snowboarder flies down the silk Road International Resort on February 6.Xinjiang snow and ice sports are in full swing.From “Celebrating the Winter Olympics and celebrating the Spring Festival” parent-child garden themed activities, to fun ice and snow games, farmers and herdsmen games…Various forms of ice and snow tourism, ice and snow sports and other activities will be held in various places to attract people to go out of their homes to participate in ice and snow sports and help the People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang pay attention to the Winter Olympics in different ways to cheer for the Olympic athletes and wish the motherland a prosperous and strong country!Source/synthesis from Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily editor/Ma Xinyu