How do you get through speed bumps without hurting your car

2022-06-02 0 By

Speaking of speed bumps believes everyone not unfamiliar, downtown district, near the school entrance slightly arched everywhere by making the pavement in order to achieve the purpose of the vehicle to slow down significantly reduces the traffic to crossing accident is a new type of specialized in traffic safety facilities in the case of everywhere is speed bumps everybody how owners through speed bumps?One side over the speed bump often one side around the speed bump, will make the tire appear high and low phenomenon, which will impact the tire, suspension and steering, in the long run, the car will be damaged.When going through a speed bump, many people think it’s more comfortable to go through a speed bump on the side, without a lot of bumps.But such driving for a long time, will give the spring, shock absorber and the whole body (frame) produce greater damage consumption.The abnormal sound of automobile suspension, wheel hub and interior parts without deceleration is the main cause of these problems. The harm is more serious.The abnormal sound of interior parts includes electronic configuration, interior board, CD, car and so on the configuration that can be seen. Most of these are fixed with screws or buckles.The vehicle over the speed bump will certainly cause a certain impact on the vehicle, but if the speed is low, the impact will be controlled in the range of the vehicle can bear.But once the high speed through will increase the impact strength, causing damage to the vehicle.Now, a lot of people might say, well, if there are so many ways to hurt your car, what’s the right way to go through a speed bump?The right way to drive a speed bump, a good way is to bring the speed down early, and then through the speed bump, the impact balance on both sides of the tires, so that the suspension system on both sides of the balance force, so that the damage to the car is small.The specific steps are as follows: (1) Ensure that both sides of the wheel through at the same time, and perpendicular to the speed belt, not oblique through.Because only in this way, in order to maintain the balance of the vehicle on both sides of the suspension force, the impact of the road can also be evenly distributed on both sides of the wheels, so as to effectively reduce the damage caused by road impact on the suspension.(2) Reduce the speed to 20km/h in advance, reduce the vibration and impact to a very low, but also to ensure the safety of driving ahead.