People are busy practicing, but lose the beauty of this moment, why?

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Busy thinking, busy running about, busy working, busy life, busy practice…It seems that everyone is busy with their own things, busy with their own lofty practice, but lose the moment, forget that the moment is beautiful, is happiness, is the heart, is the source.Where does the pain of life come from? It comes from the identity of the role of your body and the persistence of all thoughts in your mind.You see, if there is no “I” role, “I” definition, “I” existence, all the occurrence of problems, you have nothing to do with.So what is “I” after all, exactly speaking, “I” does not exist, the pseudonym of me, is between reading and reading, the empty existence of all I.Is empty, and not empty, is not two color empty.Few people think about what they are doing in practice, and ask themselves what they are seeking.Or do you fix it because someone else is?Repair to repair, have you felt the heart that flies freely?The obsession with practice is also a kind of deep persistence, because of practice, you may become more painful.And the pain, has nothing to do with practice, is because of your persistence, your deep study of appearances.All dharmas in the world are theories, not absolute self or reality. The hand of the moon is not a life-saver. Your only teacher is your inner self.If you want to be happy, if you want to see beauty, if you want to embrace your essence, it’s here and now.People have been seeking outward, purposeful practice, it is not practice, it is greed and ignorance.You don’t blame the practice, and you don’t blame the people who lead you to practice. The most effective way to heal pain is compassion and blessing.If you want to speed up the manifestation, live in the present moment. The miracle manifestation has nothing to do with your efforts, because you are who you are.Remember this: “An angry man cannot create a peaceful world.A man who holds on to ideas and appearances cannot get rid of the entanglement of pain.”Stop thinking, dissolve your emotions, and live in the moment. You are a living god.This is a world full of impermanence, and this impermanence is the real reality.