Sui Wenjing Han Cong new identity exposure!Lionel Messi and Manchester United win the world’s top fans, really envy

2022-06-02 0 By

Han Cong and Sui Wenjing added another gold medal to The Chinese delegation by winning the gold medal in freestyle skating at the Winter Olympics.Han Cong and Sui Wenjing were also singled out and praised by many media after the competition, and Han Cong’s special status as the new Olympic champion was also exposed.It turns out that Han Cong is also a true fan of Messi and has sent blessings for Messi’s birthday for many times.Han Cong affectionately calls Messi Boss Mei, which is what hardcore fans know.Sui wenjing is a fan of Manchester United and has posed for photos wearing the team’s logo many times.These days, Lionel Messi, whose huge fan base includes a Winter Olympic champion, will surely feel better.Messi’s recent performances in Ligue 1 and the Champions League have been mediocre, giving fans the feeling that he is a hero in the twilight.This round of Ligue 1 league, Messi in the Greater Paris team and accidentally lost to Nantes.Messi started the game and posed a number of threats, only for his team-mates to disappoint him with shots.Messi has never rediscovered his goalscoring peak since leaving Barcelona for greater Paris.Messi, who has scored too few goals in France this season, was once seen as Paris’s biggest weakness.Fortunately, such as Han Cong Messi hardcore, always believe that the idol can come out of the bottom, ushered in the peak again.As a fan of Messi, Han Cong may take Messi as an example in daily training and keep demanding himself.After years of training, Han Cong and Sui Wenjing finally realized their dream of winning a gold medal in the Winter Olympics at home, making everyone proud of him.When Messi went through a bottleneck in his career, he gained such a top fan as Han Cong, which should give him a shot in the arm and allow him to perform invincible in the future in France, the Champions League and the World Cup.Messi, who has always been a fan, may send his best wishes for Han Cong to win the Winter Olympics through some channels.I wonder if Messi will truly become a legend by leading Argentina to the World Cup in Qatar this year.Fans of Messi, led by Han Cong, have always believed that this day would come sooner or later.(Luo Manager)