Turquoise wool bet stone to see the color of the skin

2022-06-02 0 By

See the turquoise wool though I know it is good now turquoise wool is more and more crazy, merchants buy finished goods, not only a lot of players are also add turquoise wool bet stone force, not just in order to experience exciting, a lot of people also want to experience the process of turquoise wool to the finished product but bet stone has the risk, especially the turquoise bet stone on the net, can’t see the real,Tend to be wiped out, in fact the turquoise wool is not only a simple wager, some technical content is more in it, do it today to say turquoise wool bet stone technique is turquoise origin at the foot of man in mines, small make up also seen some turquoise bet stone, for local turquoise connoisseur, a piece of turquoise wool, according to the mine mouth, though,Probably it can judge the turquoise meat quality and even the movements of wire white turquoise succulent clean but porcelain is less commonly, generally white point will be a little more, and black color turquoise porcelain degrees, but with iron wire and black spots, green husk turquoise meat is good but delivery rate is low, the red one turquoise general extreme (either the best or the worst),Hemp skin turquoise general delivery rate and the quality is pretty good, of course, the above are turquoise wool bet stone experience, although bet stone three technical seven points of luck, but as a reference for general won’t be wrong, of course, turquoise wool bet stone is a technical experience, general players suggest buying turquoise products, do not blindly follow bet stone.