First strike 16+23+5!Zhuangshen world War I three record is too dazzling, the United States fans took the opportunity to satirize Vogel

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Beijing time on February 1, 122-119 victory over the Memphis grizzlies in Philadelphia to complete 5 in a row, the fifth straight special meaning, they are not under the condition of core Joel – er than DE defeated the west Memphis grizzlies, tobias – Harris, maxi both scored 30 + data, Harris 31 points 5 rebounds, 5 assists 2 blocks,Maxie finished with 33 points, eight assists, three rebounds, one steal and four blocks, and the two were the key players in refusing to come back.It there is a hero in Philadelphia — Andre drummond, in the case of Joel – er than DE dwell rivers are generally start with his play center, and will give him high tactical status, maxi and drummond and roll is a tactic, it drummond performance is very good, no worth on both ends of points,Morante was a defensive stalker, and his 2 steals and 3 blocks in the entire game made that clear.Drummond played 43 minutes (backup center Bashi played just nine), shooting 8-of-11, with 16 points, 23 rebounds, five assists, two steals and three blocks, shooting 72.7 percent and dunking twice. Drummond has dunked significantly less this season, perhaps because teams are giving him more respect,The biggest turnaround came when he grabbed 10 frontcourt rebounds.Drummond had 10 of Philadelphia’s 14 frontcourt rebounds and was responsible for Philadelphia’s 22 second-offense points.The grizzlies had 15 frontcourt rebounds, while Jarren Jackson Jr. led the way with just four.Isn’t the zhuang God good enough?Drummond had 11 rebounds in the first half for the 10th time this season, third in the league with 10 rebounds in the first half, followed by Gobert (21) and Jokic (16), who averaged 18.7 minutes per game as a reserve.Drummond had his fourth 20-plus rebound game of the season, joining Moses Malone and Charles Barkley as Philadelphia’s first player in 40 seasons.This is his first season with Philly. Not even Embiid can do that.Third record, four 20-point rebounds in a single season over the past 25 seasons, most since Charles Barkley in 1989-90.Draymond went 16, 23 and 5 (8 of 11) in his first start. He didn’t help the lakers last season.How is it that zhuang is a dud in Vogel’s hands, but is a legitimate player in Philly, even as a starter?By Yan Xiaobai