Former Shenzhen coach or return to CBA, Xu Changsuo class is imminent

2022-06-03 0 By

The CBA has seen a slew of young head coaches in recent seasons, including Guangdong coach Du Feng, who has led his team to three straight league titles, and Liaoning coach Yang Ming, who led his team to two consecutive finals appearances and is now ranked no. 1 in the regular season.In addition, guangzhou team head coach Wang Bo, Jilin team head coach Wang Han and Shenzhen team head coach Qiu Biao are young and promising.Former Shenzhen coach Wang Jianjun is expected to return to CBA coaching, and Shandong needs him.Wang is very good at setting up tactics for the team’s local centers. In his tactical system, he needs excellent top centers, small foreign players with strong offensive ability, and local guards with both offensive and defensive capabilities.However, the current head coach Xu Changsuo has not been able to lead the team to as good a result as last season. The fans are not satisfied with his coaching style, but also the team’s results this season.Now the shandong team management intends to replace the head coach, Wang Jianjun will replace Xu Changsuo as the shandong team head coach.Tao Hanlin’s 2021-22 season was good enough for him to be the north Division all-star starting center this season, leading both in scoring and rebounding per game.In particular, the average field rebounds on this data, fully reflects the efforts of Tao Hanlin in the game.Now with the veteran Wu Ke left Shanxi Team, Jia Cheng experienced a significant decline in state, young zhu Rongzhen was loaned to Shandong Team, Tao Hanlin can only support the team one day.Gao Shiyan, Hudson, Tao Hanlin’s combination is fully equipped to help the team into the league’s top six strength.At present, Shandong Introduced Gong Luming as the head coach of the team, hoping that he could help Xu Changsuo manage the team well. However, Xu Changsuo’s performance in the second stage of coaching was not recognized by the management, and it was only a matter of time before he was dismissed.The team reached the semifinals last season under the guidance of head coach Gong Xiaobin. If Xu changsuo had been in charge, shandong might have been easily surpassed by jilin, Xinjiang and other teams and not even made it to the playoffs this season.