Unrestrained Su Dongpo, fill in the words graceful also tender feelings

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People who have read Su Shi’s words know that although su Shi’s words are famous for being bold and unrestrained, there are also similar graceful style boudoir words, and write very wonderful, in addition to describe the scenery, chant things and other aspects, there are also many excellent works.In The second year of The reign of Emperor Zhiping in the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi, at the age of 29, was working in the capital kaifeng Historical Museum when his first wife, Wang Fu, died of illness and was buried in the western suburbs of Kaifeng.The following June moved back to Sichuan Pengshan County anzhen township Kailong li burial.Wang’s death, so that Su Shi felt very sad, and later su Shi and the implementation of the new law of Wang Anshi political disagreement, in the office of Kaifeng official was framed by the imperial history, released hangzhou pass judgment.Song Shenzong Xining seven years, renamed the Governor of Michigan.On the 26th night of the first lunar month of the following year, Su Shi dreamed of meeting wang’s wife in their old home in Michigan.He remembered that it had been ten years since his wife’s death and he was 40 years old. However, during the past decade, he suffered many political blows and traveled extensively. He wrote these thoughts into his speech.Thousands of lonely grave, no words desolate.Even if meet should not know, dust, temples such as frost.In the night the dream suddenly returns home.Xiao Xuan Window, dressing.Speechless, but tears thousands of lines.Expected to be broken every year, the moon night, short pine.The meaning of the poem is: we have been separated for ten years, and we know nothing about each other.Even if not deliberately to miss, it is difficult to forget you.Your lonely grave, thousands of miles away, where can I tell the sadness and sorrow of my heart.Even if we meet, I am afraid you will not recognize my appearance, ten years of running so that I face dust, temples white as frost.In the night that blurred dream, I suddenly returned home.You were dressing at the familiar cabin window.Suddenly meet ah, looking at each other a word also did not say.Only lines of tears filled my face.I know that the place where I grieve most every year is the bleak hill where the cold moon shines, where you lie.Su Shi was demoted to Huizhou, most of the family discrete, only love concubine toward the cloud has not gone.On the trip to Huizhou, comfortable feeling very deep, thus wrote a full of melancholy “Butterfly love Flower”.One day after they arrived in Huizhou, Su Shi and Chao Yun were sitting idly by. At that time, the autumn frost had just fallen.Su Shi called toward the cloud to prepare wine, she carried the glass to sing Su Shi wrote “butterfly love flower” words, but not sing, already tears wet skirt.Su Shi asked what was going on, chao Yun replied: the word “on the branch of willow cotton blowing and less, the end of the world where there is no grass” so that she could not sing down.Su Shi laughed and said: “I am sad autumn, but you hurt spring.”Soon after, Chao Yun died of illness, and Su Shi never listened to the song again.Flowers fade red green apricot small, swallows fly, green water people around.On the branches of willow cotton blowing and little, there is no grass in the world.Swing wall outside, wall outsider, wall beauty smile.Smile gradually not heard gradually speechless, affectionate but ruthless angry.The poem writes: the withered red flowers have all fallen, the branches grow small green apricot, swallow flying time, qingbi stream around the people slowly flowing, catkins by the wind blowing less and less.All over the world, where is not the grass green.Inside the wall there was a garden swing, and outside the wall was a pedestrian path.The passers-by outside heard from within the walls the laughter of the swinging girls.The laughter died away, leaving only silence.The girls went without leaving a trace of affection, the sentimental pedestrians outside the wall ah, why should you be melancholy for this trouble.”Butterfly Love Flower” formerly known as “Magpie tread branches”, was originally the song name of Tang Jiaofang, later used as a ci card.People in the Song Dynasty felt it was not as nice as itzerday zertas tasThis article by the literature guests original, hundred number first, welcome to pay attention to, with you long knowledge.