2-1!Salah’s cross, Egypt’s extra-time comeback into the last four, Paris wing points

2022-06-04 0 By

23:00 on January 30, Beijing time, African nations cup quarter-final dialogue on a field strength is strong, of Egypt led by saleh, in the face of Morocco team, led by ashraf, Morocco team eventually rely on a penalty after leading, first by salah equalised in the second half, then in overtime to throw a ball, the two teams battle for 120 minutes, Egypt 2:1 beat Morocco to advance to the last four.It was the third time the two North African teams have met in the knockout stages of the Africa Cup of Nations, with Egypt winning both previous matches.There is no doubt that Morocco’s overall strength is superior to Egypt’s, which relies more on Salah’s individual ability and team unity, but they are always a force to be reckoned with.Morocco team has a defence, composed of five major league players than most players playing in the domestic league, Egypt, Morocco team is there are so many players playing in mainstream European league, if not JiYe Hector and coach contradiction and no national team and the team’s overall strength will also be improved.Just six minutes in the opening minutes, ashraf tackle by Egyptian players in the penalty area, a penalty kick for bao, overnight, Morocco’s team to dream start, after both teams played with each other, but no, 53 minutes until the second half, using the corner kick opportunity, Egypt’s header was steadfastly saved, the salah will easily in front of the goal into an empty net,After Egypt’s equaliser, agger’s header from Egypt goalkeeper to back off the bar pops up, the two sides eventually into overtime, the 100th minute, salah the ball down the right, in the face of multiple defense, with strong individual ability and the pace of change, to duck space after cross, after David trezeguet will score points flank, Egypt completed ahead,In the end, the team thanks to Salah’s outstanding performance 2-1 win over Morocco to reach the semi-finals.Salah put on a stellar performance, leading his side to the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations for the third time in five years after an early exit as hosts.And their semi-final opponent is the Cameroon’s winning team in the final five years ago, as the host of the tournament, Cameroon strong, at home to have to win silverware, Egypt hopes to standing on each other’s shoulders into the finals, and submitted to the final defeat took five years ago, but it is not easy.But it Egypt’s second ABU balak out through injury, on a goalkeeper and ivory coast’s game cena d had injuries, and missed the game, so in the next game, Egypt may face the situation of lack of two number one goalkeeper, and the team defender MuNaiM will because of suspension, Egypt’s semi-final, as a result, condemned to the difficulties,But unity has always been one of the strengths of this team, and Salah and his Egypt side still have a chance to fulfil their title dreams.