Market | zero tolerance!Foshan, Guangdong shut down 34 key sites for rectification

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To further implement the State Council defense spreading mechanism televised meeting spirit and provincial, municipal epidemic prevention and control work picturephone meeting spirit, further compaction “four responsibilities”, according to the culture and tourism, culture and tourism in guangdong province hall epidemic prevention and control work deployment, foshan city, cultural tourism bureau of radio, film and television rapidly within the whole system to carry out the full cover, the whole chain, the whole process of epidemic prevention and control inspection,We will resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic in the culture, radio and tourism sectors with zero tolerance and courage.On the one hand, we have strengthened coordinated deployment and activated the epidemic prevention system.Foshan Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau in accordance with the requirements of “watch your own door, watch your own people” and “the management industry must control safety, the management industry must control epidemic prevention”,Fast printing “about further strengthens China brigade body system and industry with the prevention and control work notice” about strictly tight to do all kinds of sports schools at all levels and units of epidemic prevention and control work preparation training notice regarding the notice of the city’s radio and television industry epidemic prevention and control the implementation of article wide brigade body system and epidemic prevention and control work for the whole industry inspection notice and other documents,A clear division of responsibilities will be defined, pressure will be transmitted at every level, and a common prevention and control system will be established for the whole system and industry to pool their wisdom and efforts for prevention and control.The sports art special class of Foshan Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau inspected the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures in the sports venues. On the other hand, the work arrangements were detailed and the measures were implemented.Foshan smart power 10 people focused culture tourism bureau of radio, film and television deploy office to strengthen the central command power, set up tourism, sports and art, and internal control, wenbo, and industry, market and so on five prevention and control program, the main responsible for comrades personally stresses, personally tube, overseers, personally in charge of the leadership concrete grasp, “four two straight way further prevention and control on the line,On the city’s culture tour market supervision inspection body, cover the hotel, A level scenic spots, travel agencies, sites of Internet access services and cultural entertainment venues and other key places, looking for potential risks, to find the short holes, to carry out the emergency plan, with strong supervision, security and epidemic prevention measures in key sites fell fine implementation, supervision in place, responsibility in position.Since March 14, Foshan Cultural Market launched the epidemic prevention and control inspection, with rigorous and meticulous work style, serious work attitude, vigorous work means, in the city’s culture, tourism and sports industry and fields formed a high pressure deterrent.Through vertical linkage and combination of horizontal collaboration, enterprise self checking and supervision law enforcement, the supervision of the leadership and the combination of disciplinary inspection supervision, investigate publicly and privately combining combining way, focusing on chess &cards room, parlor, the chamber of secrets escape airtight and poorly ventilated places of business, and KTV, Internet cafes, cinemas, epidemic prevention and control in key areas and crucial links, such asA total of 119 cultural and tourism venues were inspected, 34 key venues that failed to strictly implement prevention and control measures were required to temporarily suspend operations for rectification, and those in charge of 133 venues with hidden dangers of varying degrees were criticized and educated, and the venues were ordered to rectify immediately.In order to boost economic development, Foshan Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau carried out flexible law enforcement, formulated the “Guidance on Inclusive and Prudent Law Enforcement of Minor Illegal Business Activities in Foshan Cultural Market” and established the “Inclusive and Prudent Law Enforcement List”.In epidemic prevention and control and regulation of daily work, in 27 items first, if the circumstances, timely correcting and causes no harmful consequences or the consequences of a slight violation of cultural market management behavior from the administrative punishment, education through criticism and guide the questioning, instructs deadline or corrections, promote compliance to carry out business activities in accordance with the law.We will continue to improve the business environment and promote the healthy development of the cultural market.In the work of administrative examination and approval, market entities shall adopt the commitment system. If the application materials submitted by market entities are not lacking critical materials, they shall make written commitment to submit them within a prescribed time limit and resume the application first, so as to shorten the processing time of market entities.Next, foshan city, cultural tourism bureau of radio, film and television will continue to adhere to the “outside the input, the rebound” total strategy and “dynamic reset” general policy, continue to intensify efforts to the city tour article wide body in key areas and key place to strengthen patrol supervise, to find the problems of site strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the serious processing and accountability,We will make solid efforts in epidemic prevention and control in all sectors in a strict, detailed and down-to-earth manner.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: