Mars Potatoes broke the news: video assistant function upgrade, single live data one key review!

2022-06-04 0 By

It’s been a long time since the VHD assistant was updated, but recently, as livestreaming has become more and more popular among users and creators, officials have introduced a new feature to address the situation.Now, if you open the Video Id Assistant, in addition to what you already have, you’ll be able to view live data.It should be known that in the early stage, without the help of third-party software, the video number creator can only view the summary data of the live broadcast after the end of the live broadcast, but how the data of the live broadcast fluctuates, when is the tipping point and other key nodes, are the moment to test the vision of the anchor and the operation team.However, with the launch of the new function of the video assistant this time, it means that the official will launch their own live market in the future, and the free version, and data and other aspects are directly obtained through official channels, but also for the online number of fluctuations such as peak, one by one truthfully recorded.Besides recording, the official can also directly download the relevant data tables of the live broadcast through the background, which is more professional and convenient for the operators to replay.At present, this function has been officially launched. Users who need it can directly experience and use it by logging in the video assistant and clicking “Data Center” – “Live data”.Data is also subdivided into “single field data” and “total data”.”All Data” can view the live broadcast data of the video number within a specified period of time, including all, live shows, total audience, total heat, new attention, transaction amount and transaction order.”Single show Data” allows you to view the live broadcast duration, total audience, highest online, times of cheering, times of commenting, times of sharing, newly added attention, total heat, orders and transaction amount of the live broadcast.In addition, single show data also provides the data to view the “goods with details” (currently this function cannot view the goods with details before November 25).Including the number of viewers, transaction amount, transaction orders and other relevant data, so that you can more conveniently and quickly target the target users and the popular products of the live broadcast when you do the live broadcast with goods.Of course, for goods with goods can also choose “overall transformation” to view the overall transaction transformation.If the earlier video number mutual selection platform is for video number creators to provide professional official platform with brand hand in hand cooperation, then the video number assistant online this function, will effectively serve ten million live number and the main attack video number with goods live MCN institutions.In the future, the liquidity of the video number will run crazily in the direction of making more and more money. Let’s look forward to it together.