All new Ford EVOS to enjoy the amazing spring day

2022-06-05 0 By

In the sweet breath of spring, the new Ford EVOS will bring you a new surprise to help you enjoy the beautiful season!Many good news for this spring to add more color, so that the vibrant spring can warm your heart!Buy a car to enjoy double insurance gift (compulsory insurance + commercial insurance) ① plus, more intelligent driving assistance escort enjoy 3 years of 0 interest rate financial scheme to 15,000 yuan replacement subsidies ② old owners enjoy to low 0 Yuan ford EVOS③, any brand models replacement Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance ④ 1998-259,800 yuan ⑤* activity time:From March 1 to March 31, 2022, first buy, first serve.The rights and interests of this event are not shared with other Ford Mall events.① Double insurance gift, namely buy EVOS fashion edition, sport edition and the first FA limited edition models can be handed in strong insurance and commercial insurance subsidies, up to 5000 yuan/set, please contact Chongqing Wanyou Longrui 4S shop.② Enjoy the replacement gift, that is, the specific replacement subsidy will be different due to the replacement of different models, for details, please contact Chongqing Wanyou Longgrui 4S shop.(3) Changan Ford owners using Changan Ford models to replace Ford EVOS, through the original car valuation + replacement subsidy, offset the down payment amount, to achieve a low 0 yuan drive EVOS.The original car valuation is subject to the actual evaluation, second-hand car replacement policy requirements, details please contact Chongqing Wanyou Longrui 4S shop ④ Any brand model replacement Changan Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance, limited to the first individual owners of the new car, the annual limit of 1 basic maintenance, basic maintenance is the replacement of oil machine filter.If the vehicle is transferred, the lifelong free maintenance automatically expires.If the owner/car meets other conditions of free maintenance activities, the free maintenance policy will not be added to enjoy.Replacement enjoy lifetime maintenance is limited to personal replacement car purchase, and in line with the relevant requirements of second-hand car replacement policy, please consult Chongqing Wanyou Longrui 4S shop.(5) EcoBoost?245 Technology edition is a major customer model, order production, customer qualification and minimum order quantity requirements, delivery cycle is more than 6 months.Specific order terms and delivery cycle will depend on the demand and parts supply, please call Changan Ford 4009610587 special line consultation.* The above loan products are provided by many financial institutions in cooperation with Changan Ford. Customers can choose financial institutions to apply for loans independently.* For details, please contact Chongqing Wanyou Longrui 4S Store.Ford’s new “potential energy aesthetics” design concept deeply integrates the desire for breaking wind speed, the strong potential energy from the earth and the cool technology aesthetics. It not only highlights the momentum of sports like a sedan, but also reveals the lofty spirit, and conveys the sense of ritual of life!