Why did Grandma Liu punish him for cleaning the toilet for two weeks?

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She lay on the ground and told Grandma Liu that she was playing a great part.Grandma Liu was very happy to hear it.So he asked Him who was he playing?The first one said he was playing the role of elderly maternal.Grandma Liu was so angry that she made him clean the toilet for two weeks.Is that a great role?According to xiaobian, great people.Someone who makes a contribution.Like the people who came before us in the old generation.They ushered in a world of peace and prosperity for us.But the fool said he too was playing a great part.It turned out to be a very old woman.Grandma Liu got angry and punished him for two weeks in the toilet.That’s the end of this cartoon.Take the lead and tell Miss Liu to play a great role.After understanding the results, Liu grandma knew that he was playing the elderly maternal.So please don’t act like a nerd.See you next time, Ben!Stupid invention.Why with the students show, the students do not want to deal with him!Fool mistake “rice cooker” for toilet.And the whole house smells like his poop!