Analysis of bayern’s main reason for the surprise, the coach exposed the short board, Lewan was not enough support

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Champions League knockout round of 4 games ended, Paris 1-0 Real Madrid, second leg changes.Manchester City away to Portugal sports 5, the team basically locked up the promotion places.Liverpool are 2-0 away to Inter milan and have a good chance of progressing back home from the second leg.The only surprise is bayern 1-1 away from salzburg red bull, the German leader shock is collective lost because the players, the second leg back home really can bear more pressure, because in the context of the game, salzburg red bull’s performance is not common, boss is victory over bayern coach, the next away game salzburg also have the chance to surprise.Every season there are some upsets in the Champions League, and the big pack teams don’t always go down without a fight, but nobody expected bayern to draw in the first leg because they are known to play under no pressure.In fact, bayern have not conceded many points this season, with the bundesliga opening 1-1 away from home and the team going on to win nine games in a row, but the shock defeat in the seventh round, 2-1 at home to Eintracht Eintracht, was a real triumph.Then bayern went out of the German Cup with a 5-0 defeat at the hands of Menxing, who were indeed the Nemesis of the Bundesliga boss.The last time Bayern conceded a point in 2021 was a 2-1 away defeat to Augsburg in the league.In 2022 Munich 2-1 home defeat to again the door, the latter this season complete three even beheaded on the German boss, believe that bayern Munich in the champions league opponents will also refer to the door and the way against the top teams, at the same time hope can have good points, so after this round of the champions league draw bayern were parties to see failure, expectations have declined.It is worth mentioning that Bayern have been under the pressure of losing two games recently. Before the Champions League draw, the team also lost 4-2 away to Bochum, which can be said that Bayern’s problems have been thoroughly revealed, so the chances of a surprise exit from the Champions League have also been improved.Looking back at the dark horses of recent seasons, Porto reached the last eight last season and knocked out Juventus.In 19/20, atalanta, Leipzig and Lyon reached the last eight, which was a bit of a surprise as they eliminated Juventus, Tottenham and Valencia, who had reached the final before.Leipzig and Lyon also knocked out Atletico Madrid and Manchester City to reach the semi-finals, but failed to reach the final.In 18/19 Porto and Ajax reached the quarter-finals, with Ajax knocking out Juventus as the biggest surprise.In 17/18 roma and Sevilla reached the last eight, roma reached the semi-finals is also very brave, so this season red Bull Salzburg is also a dark horse potential.The Champions League always has upsets and is more attractive because every game carries a bit of unpredictability.Bayern were also blessed to draw, as salzburg had a penalty ignored, or two goals down bayern would have lost and would have made progress even more likely.In fact, the two teams have played twice before, the results are bayern big score win opponents, and this game is the first goal salzburg, can say that the gap between the two teams is narrowed.Bayern made some mistakes early in the game, which was clearly the result of pressure from the opposition, and juler was warned off when he stopped the ball and was robbed by Adeyemi.Later in the game, Adiyemi was constantly threatening and his teammates also finished after receiving the ball. Because of the pressure from the opponents, Bayern could only find a chance to counter attack. Gnaburi’s shot was easily saved by the goalkeeper, and it is certain that Bayern’s threat diminished.Bayern began to take possession of the ball but scored on the counter-attack in the 21st minute when adyemi’s cross from the break confused his opponents and Adamu tapped in from the back spot.Adeyemi was a threat on several occasions, but bayern’s defence allowed him to cross easily and it was inevitable that such an omission would result in a goal being conceded.Sane and Gnabri then missed the opportunity to score, and at the end of the first half Adayemi got up and finished, but fortunately the Bayern goalkeeper was focused, so the danger was resolved.There was a controversial decision in first-half stoppage time when paval’s clearance inside the penalty area was deemed a penalty, but the referee did not award the penalty after communicating with the VAR referee, which was also questioned after the game.Lewan posed a threat in the middle of the penalty area in the second half, but failed to finish under the interference of his opponents. Kingsley koeman missed three chances and the Bayern coach made a change, replacing Gnabri with Shupo Moting and Tolisso with Sabice.After both sides made substitutions, the substitute Team did not have a good performance, but Adyemi once again completed a shot, it can be seen that the coach adjusted the lineup, but the defense is still unstable.86th minute salzburg red bull with kyle lagarde adriano and meters, this also is a failure, because the team sheet after 4 minutes, then cross found muller from pawar, the latter header after ceng assists lang expect kingsley koeman finish building complete salvation, or after the game the generals will be questioned by the parties.Salzburg could have beaten Bayern by one goal if they had not replaced their most dangerous player.It is strange that bayern, with lewan, sane, koeman and Muller, only got a point with a late lucky goal, it is really ironic process and result.The fact that Bayern have fallen at the feet of Menshing three times this season is a sign of the team’s problems, which will be repeated in the champions League.In the previous matches, he tried to play a single midfield formation, but the result was a loss. The surprise in the league also affected the morale of the team. In the match against Salzburg, the players also showed some contempt for the opponent, and the team also lacked the ability to cope with a goal down.The coach’s attempts to change also made Bayern’s front and back out of sync, so the defensive problems were magnified. It was also a case of a series of mistakes, players were a bit out of shape, and more sadly lewan didn’t step up to the plate in a difficult situation because he didn’t get enough support.Juler’s errors were also related to the constant replacement of positions, the player was not at his best and his team-mates were a bit loose, which allowed the opposition’s core players to pose a threat on many occasions.Coach deployment is also some of the enemy lightly, but also ignored the difficulty of away battles, so the second round of the game Bayern need to reflect from the coach to formulate the contingency strategy.Bayern have no shortage of attacking players, levan, Muller, koeman, Gnabri and Sane can play to their strengths in a reasonable rotation, the presence of the crowd will affect the soundness of the defence.Bayern are the favourites every season, but they have been knocked out so many times in recent seasons that it should be summed up.The elimination of the Champions League teams are their own strength, so three central defenders and a single midfield is really playing with fire, especially away from home such an arrangement is a hotbed of upset.Gnabri had three of his six shots on target and three dangerous passes.Koeman had three of eight shots on target and four dangerous passes.Sane scored two of his four shots on target, while Lewan scored only once. It is clear that there are lone wolves among his teammates, so lewan’s lack of support is obvious.Muller had only two shots, one on target and four dangerous passes, but one assist was still crucial.In fact, the Champions League still allows Lewan to score more goals to win the game, other players are too lone Wolf team can lose points.Bayern are no longer favourites to win this season’s title, compared to Paris, Manchester City and Liverpool, because the first leg of the knockout matches all showed strength, especially in the Premier League’s dominant duo, while Bayern are in danger of going out.