Beijing Dongcheng Chongwai Street: Adhere to the Party construction and lead the intensive farming to fight the epidemic “12345”

2022-06-06 0 By

Beijing, April 4 (People’s Daily Online) In response to the recent outbreak of new confirmed cases in the district, as well as the grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, Chongwai Street in Dongcheng District of Beijing has focused on the “three districts” control, adhering to the guidance of Party building, the people first, and promoting the five measures, coordinated efforts.The establishment of “frontline” temporary party branches.A temporary Party branch was set up in guorui East District community lockdown (administration) control area, with the deputy director of the office serving as the secretary of the temporary Party branch. 37 Party members and cadres entered the lockdown (administration) control area to participate in prevention and control work.Party branches should give full play to their political and organizational strengths, improve the system of responsibility for coordination between the upper and lower levels, strengthen the deployment of forces, and unite Party members and mass organizations. They should be organized at critical moments and have party members in key posts, so as to form a strict “red front” based on strict standards.Open “two” appeals hotline.To timely grasp the seal (tube) centralization residents living demand, unimpeded residents’ demands and seamless service, street opened warmth and emotional communication two hotline service, 24 hours to provide consulting services for community residents, by appeal to the closed loop management mechanism, ensure the first solve the problem of residents “urgent, difficult, sorrow”, the maximum let residents at ease, rest assured.The hotline services cover nucleic acid sampling organization and arrangement, home delivery of daily necessities, connecting medical needs to hospitals, epidemic prevention and safety at home, timely reporting property problems, and caring for the elderly, the weak, the sick, the pregnant, and the young, etc. The hotline provides whole-heart services for quarantined residents without leaving the building.Up to now, a total of 135 helplines have been received, all of which have been effectively resolved and dealt with.Carry out the “three good” online campaign.To carry out the “three good” online activities of “Good students, good talents and good voice” with the theme of “Cloud to accompany home is wonderful” in the closed (management) control area.To meet the needs and hobbies of all ages, people and people at all levels, online entertainment activities with different themes, such as anti-epidemic newspaper display, talent competition and singing contest, have been carried out to further strengthen neighborhood communication, transfer anxiety and add bright colors to the isolation of residents who have pressed the “pause button”.Do a good job in “four” order service.For the four personalized needs of online learning counseling, medical transportation, pet care and door-to-door delivery, special personnel will be arranged for special docking, and “one-to-one” ordering service will be carried out.The streets coordinated the work force in a timely manner, focused on the personalized life needs of special groups such as pregnant women, children and the elderly, and further ensured the daily life services of residents in the containment areas, adhering to the principle of “isolation but not separation of love” to reassure residents.Provide “five one” protection.In response to the “Letter” issued by the District Committee, a volunteer recruitment station was set up, a league building activity was carried out, an anti-epidemic diary propaganda film was shot, and an employment orientation was set up.Through the positive response to the “Letter to all the Communist Party members in Dongcheng District”, the whole street up and down party cadres further tighten the “safety valve” to guard the “safety line”, further construct the “responsibility chain” firm “backbone”, further set up the “heart bridge” and draw the “concentric circle”;By changing “blood transfusion” to “hematopoietic”, the “Philharmonic” volunteer recruitment station has been set up to carry out love relay action for eligible residents in the control area. Up to now, more than 30 volunteers have been recruited.A team building activity will be held to make participants more familiar with the business operation process through game Settings to further enhance team cohesion and confidence in defeating the epidemic.A “COVID-19 diary” was filmed to record the work of the staff, strengthen their mission and pay tribute to the most beautiful outsiders.We should set up a personnel orientation, take epidemic prevention and control work as an examination room to test the party spirit, discipline, fighting spirit and responsibility of leading Party members at all levels, inspect and identify cadres in epidemic prevention and control, encourage and guide them to take the lead and write loyalty in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.