Bole 0329 dish before review

2022-06-06 0 By

Us stocks hit bottom last night, the NASDAQ rose larger.The new energy vehicle sector is doing well, with Tesla closing in on an all-time high.WSB concept rally, this sector has not moved for a long time, today is worth noting.Yesterday, agricultural stocks and real estate stocks are still eye-catching performance, which is also the recent rare continuous plate, but also differentiation, not the meaning of the full start.Huawei concept is relatively good, after the huawei news is relatively good, but not heavy enough, pull high go!Today tracks opportunities in gaming, tax reduction concepts, wind power and pv.For everyone to see the multiple good, I think the opportunity is very individual, do not consider.Real estate and agricultural stocks, relatively speaking, agricultural stocks have a big opportunity to consider low absorption.Today’s index is expected to shock plate rise mainly, the strength of the rebound should not be big, after all, the volume of restrictions on the upside space, coupled with short-term is very poor sentiment.So we still need to pay attention to position control!Good luck to you all![flower][flower][/cp]