The joys and sorrows of rural life

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There is no Decos, KFC, bustling business center, no subway, exquisite beauty.The countryside — the real countryside has always been the most true of their own dripping exquisite display to the world, even if this kind of display for it damage the image.After the snow has closed the mountain, the road is only connected by two parallel ruts. The melting snow on the village road is mixed with the ice formed at night, and some bare soil is added to make the dirt and dirt synonymous with the real village.You see, the earth wall is dilapidated, although wearing white coat, but still can not cover the erosion of the “old”;At any intersection, you can see colorful garbage, rattling in the cold wind;In the yard of the farm, firewood and tools were piled up in an irregular straw shed.Who cares about them?Free and loose is the mountain person and the body all come characteristic, a dirty down jacket, full of dust stick in each gray hair, there are always a few years mark on the face of maozi purple, meet a special greeting, or joke type curse and a series of bright and hearty laughter.On the ninth day of the first lunar month, the village of shehuo began.People’s enthusiasm lit under the stars, playing dragons, singing yangko, gongs and drums noisy, loud voices.Every night in the yard of a house has been busy but eleven twelve o ‘clock!The first few nights were held in zhuangzi, and around the 15th day of the first lunar month, the party was held with shehuo of nearby Zhuangzi.At that time, shehuo field in the sea of people, people shoulder to shoulder, enjoy the annual carnival!During the day, people who have calmed down lie on the warm kang to enjoy the rare warmth. Maybe the quilts on the kang are dirty, and the pillow towel has not been washed for a long time, and they are covered with the smell of smoking and burning kang.What’s the big deal?Who all so also do not have what, as long as the mood is unfettered, the scenery in the eye is free, enough!