Jianhu County Fengrun new energy equipment factory was auctioned there are big guys willing to take over

2022-06-07 0 By

The property of Jiangsu Fengrun New Energy Equipment Co in Jianhu county was forced to be auctioned off, and the company was reportedly filed for bankruptcy by Jianhu County Fubang Rural Microfinance Co.The subject matter of the auction includes property, structures and ancillary facilities.The first auction failed to sell for 8.21 million yuan.It is located in No. 1099, Nanhuan West Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Jianhu County, Yancheng City.According to the introduction, the actual measured area of the house without a certificate is 8854.08 square meters, and the evaluation price is 9564672 yuan.The structures and other auxiliary facilities are cement road, carport cement floor, stainless steel carport, iron fence wall, brick wall, gate plate, expansion door, sewer, trees, etc. The evaluation price is 707,908 yuan.The area of unlicensed land use right is 21,470 square meters, 19,390 square meters of land has been expropriated but not provided for, and 2,080 square meters of collective land, which are not included in this auction.Since there is no property ownership certificate under the name of Fengrun Company, there is a possibility that the buyer may not be able to handle the real estate registration smoothly. Based on the above situation, the intended buyer is requested to consult relevant departments before participating in the auction, and then make a careful decision on whether to participate in the auction.