Lao Hua said tea: If you drink it regularly, will you get angry?

2022-06-07 0 By

Lao Hua said that some tea friends in the tea studio asked me if I would get angry if I drank cooked tea.Cooked at is after the fermentation, equivalent to life at tea for him, from the Angle of the traditional Chinese medicine, cooked is partial heat, he and warm, if your body, it is to belong to that kind of hot sex constitution, there is, there is a such tea friends around me, they drink after full ripeness tome, also can feel the heat, but the heat isn’t you take on the disease,Here are two tips if you really like your drink: (1) Alternate your drink, just for one day or today, and tomorrow, drink your drink raw.(2) Control the amount of tea;As long as you pay attention to these two points, Tumu can also drink very well.These two points are based on whether pu-erh tea has musty taste. To distinguish musty taste, we must first distinguish stale taste, pile taste, warehouse taste and musty taste. If it is musty taste, it is beyond doubt that we cannot drink it, and the tea with musty taste must not be drunk again.Lao Hua said tea daily share pu ‘er tea dry goods, welcome you love tea message exchange, any questions must answer!To learn more about pu ‘er ancient tea, come and pay attention to Lao Hua Shuo Tea.