The Great Wall Science and Technology board set to open mixed fund A share on March 28 trading

2022-06-07 0 By

Yu Shipeng (reporter yu Shipeng) March 28, the Great Wall Fund announced that the Great Wall Science and Technology Board two-year regular open hybrid securities investment fund (hereinafter referred to as “the Great Wall Science and technology board fixed open hybrid fund”) A share in March 28 trading.The assets of the fund’s investment in stocks accounted for 60% of the fund assets 100%, investment in kechuang plate stock assets of less than 80% of the non-cash assets, track and further study of overseas and domestic scientific and technological innovation in the industry technology trends, industry growth and market pattern, try to find and to invest in a broad market space, there is space to grow up for a long time,Scientific and technological enterprises with technological product advantages and market leading advantages can realize long-term steady appreciation of fund assets.