What does lexus’ first exclusive pure electric new car look like on April 20?

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April 6, a work, car clear xiaobian received a Lexus official news: April 20, Lexus first exclusive pure electric model — the new Lexus RZ will be officially on the online global debut.The new Lexus RZ is expected to hit the market later this year, though no official word has emerged.The all-new models was some media called Toyota’s first pure electric vehicles bZ4X “in BiaoBan”, including design, the overall state and bZ4 X is relatively close to, but most of the traditional brand new pure electric vehicles with previous products sequences for flat, so the new lexus RZ has been forecast for pure electric version of the NX.Lexus has only released two images of the RZ so far, but there have been several official images of the new Lexus RZ before, so the overall look of the new lexus is no longer a mystery.In terms of styling, except for the fully enclosed front face of the pure electric model, the exterior design is really very similar to the new generation OF NX at first glance, including the family-designed mouth net, vertical fog light area, and sharp and slender big light group, which can reflect the sporty style of this car.The new all-electric RZ differs from the NX in more ways than one, including a longer body, a sliding back and two sharp flying wings that extend out of the roof groove, as well as hidden columns that make the new Lexus RZ look more fluid.The rear of the new Lexus RZ may look like an SUV GT when viewed directly behind, with crosswise taillights and a small upturned rear wing that accentuates the sporty feel and refinement.We don’t know the size of the new Lexus RZ, but as is Toyota’s custom, Lexus models are always slightly larger than their Toyota-branded counterparts.In contrast, the interior of the new Lexus RZ, which has been released in official pictures, is really amazing, especially with the addition of the special-shaped steering wheel, it will appear that the interior style has become very different.And before this, FAW Toyota has also released THE bZ4X interior officer map, from the picture, the new Lexus RZ interior exquisite degree is higher, and large size intelligent central control screen, no suspension design, thus also bypass the same “double”, “suspension” two big design law.From Lexus official way can get limited information, so the new Lexus RZ power system did not reveal any effective information, someone from THE FAW Toyota bZ4X performance parameters for reference, WLTC nearly 500 kilometers of endurance, DC fast charging mode can support 150K power, 30 minutes can be charged to 80%.Exclusive of pure electric vehicles as the first, the design of the new lexus RZ and performance details clearly more than those mentioned in the article, even from alien steering wheel is not hard to guess the new car would carry more intelligent auxiliary technologies such as driving, so although the exterior information at present basically has been present, but the new lexus RZ global appearance still has a lot of information is worth looking forward to.Author: Rodin