Will there be a deduction for saving money with a savings card

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Fees will not be deducted generally.1. If the savings card has not opened some automatic deduction business (such as telephone service, water, electricity, gas, etc.), it will not deduct money. In terms of annual fee, many banks implement the policy of free annual fee and management fee.However, if the card is not used for a long time, there will be an annual fee and a small management fee.Savings card is a kind of financial transaction card issued by banks to provide financial services to depositors.A type of debit card that has two types: magnetic stripe and chip.Its main function is to deposit and withdraw money in networked ATMs and bank counters as well as consume money in networked POS.Annual bank card fee is a fixed annual fee charged by commercial banks in China for bank accounts.The annual bank card fee is charged once a year.Debit cards are canceled because they owe small management fees, so they don’t show up on the bank’s credit record, but if you have a credit card, you should be extra careful.Credit cards can be overdrawn, and the bank will stipulate the minimum number of swiping card consumption every year, usually five, online banking shopping is also counted, if less than five, it will be deducted annual fee.