Cooperate with B station, it seems that Wuling NanoEV really hold the young group!

2022-06-08 0 By

The sudden birth of Hongguang MINIEV has made many people see wuling automobile’s excellent insight and accurate grasp of the new energy vehicle market.At the same time, in order to further meet the needs of young groups of cars, Wuling’s new Wuling NanoEV officially listed on November 17, and provide play, love, Disney Crazy Animal City limited three models, the manufacturer’s guide price is 498-59,800 yuan.Appearance, Wuling NanoEV modeling personality dexterity, with high identification;E-sports white, hip-hop blue, hip hop yellow, digital gray four popular body color is a bright.And the new car is also all standard with ramp assistance, low speed pedestrian warning system, rear reversing radar and tire pressure monitoring system, the body of the use of ultra-high strength steel and high strength steel proportion of more than 40%, so that users travel more secure.In addition, the car also provides APP vehicle-machine interconnection, users can flexibly query the vehicle status, intelligent recharge, booking charging, etc., which is quite convenient.It is worth mentioning that, as a model for young groups, Wuling NanoEV also cooperates with B station, which is popular with young people, to jointly create wuling NanoEV’s exclusive UGC topic activity.It can be said that Wuling NanoEV is really the young group hold!The event will run from March 15, 2022 to March 31, 2022