Cut the window!Cut out the red happy Chinese year!

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Pasting paper-cuts is an ancient custom of Chinese New Year. As the Spring Festival is approaching, in Jinyun, there are a group of people who cut out festive and auspicious paper-cuts to celebrate the Year of the Tiger with their scissors, and cut out a strong flavor of the New Year.Liu Xiaying, 59, is a retired teacher and a representative inheritor of provincial Jinyun paper-cutting.After retirement, he devoted himself to the inheritance and dissemination of paper-cutting projects.Today she volunteered for the students paper-cutting experience class.At the scene of the activity, Liu Xiaying encouraged the students to imagine, while teaching the students paper cutting techniques, in a short time, tiger tiger shengwei paper cutting works will be cut.Liu Xiaying, representative inheritor of provincial Jinyun paper-cut, said: 2022 is the Year of tiger. Let everyone create all kinds of tigers here through their own ideas and paste them on the Windows at home.This inherits the custom of pasting paper-cuts during the Spring Festival and cultivates children’s creativity.Liu xiaying not only took her students to experience paper cutting, but also took her apprentices to inherit the art of paper cutting.In jinyun County paper-cut museum, Liu Xiaying also created a series of tiger paper-cuts with her apprentices.Liu Xiaying, representative inheritor of provincial Jinyun paper-cut: This work is specially created for the year of the tiger. It is the head of two tigers, which means common prosperity.The eyes are represented by two fish, which means more and more every year.Strategies for Success In Jinyun County Paper-cut Museum, citizens can not only see the theme of “tiger elements” paper-cut creation, but also see a lot of paper-cut works about the New Year’s blessing, including “fu” series, “longevity” series, “Twelve Zodiac” series and so on.Paper-cut artists put everyone’s wishes and expectations for the New Year in their paper-cut works.Reporter | Lishui Tai Jinyun Tai editor | Liu Yang Review | Yu Jian Li Yue final review | Ye Jun statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: